My Thoughts: Nostalgia

This post was inspired by this Cracked article, so go read that one before reading this one. I was going to write this as a comment on that article, but the more I thought about it, the longer I realized it’d be. So that’s why I decided to just do a blog post.

I’ve never really understood why people get so upset when something gets remake or rebooted or reimagined or whatever. As the article points out, the original version is still available for you if you prefer that. I like that they used Ninja Turtles as their example. I was a huge fan of the ’80s series growing up (in the’ 90s…I was born in 1988). When I first heard there would be a reboot, I was like, “Nooooo!”. Even more so when I saw what they looked like. I’ve yet to see the movie, but my friends who have told me it’s not that bad. I’m actually wanting to see it after Nostalgia Critic made me realize it’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s always been meant for kids, and every generation will reboot it with the current generation in mind.

The article also mentioned going back and watching things you loved from your childhood to see if you still like it now. I’ve already done this to an extent. I grew up loving Full House. Tried rewatching it three years ago and realized it’s actually not any good. Same with Family Matters. But when I rewatched Fresh Prince, I found that I have a greater appreciation for that show now. That’s a great show that definitely holds up today.

Another example of people getting upset about reboots is with something that hasn’t even been rebooted yet. Whenever people over the years discussed the possibility of a reboot of Indiana Jones, I’d always get upset, saying Harrison Ford is the only person who can play him. Then a couple weeks ago I heard rumours that they were planning a reboot starring Chris Pratt. I immediately said, “YES!!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY!!!” I can see Chris Pratt being an awesome Indy! I want to see Chris Pratt as Indy! In fact, let’s forget about Indy 5 and let’s focus on this reboot!!

My point is that reboots can be good if done right. Star Trek, for example. I like the original series, but I love the new one. I love this quote from near the end of the article, and I’ll end this post with it…

The shows and movies you love are loaned to you. Eventually, they’re given to someone new. Pop culture is a big, expensive Goodwill store. Disney found a near-mint condition Marvel and a slightly beaten Lucasfilm in a pile of old lady blouses. They took them home, bought new replacement parts, gave them new coats of paint, and then sold us even more spectacular versions of their stories than any previous generation of fans could have possibly imagined.