Desolation of Blog: The Angry Birds Movie

[Note: This was originally posted in my Casabloga series, which are films I consider the greatest of all time. At the time I wrote this review, I felt that way about this film. But as time went on, I changed my mind. I still like it, but I don’t think it belongs in Casabloga. So instead, I moved it to my regular movie reviews section.]


In 2009, I played a little game called Angry Birds for the first time. It wasn’t entirely original (I’d played a similar flash game in high school with a bow and arrow), but it was an addictive take on the concept.

Over the years Rovio, the developer of the game, has released countless different versions of the game. There’s one based on Star Wars, there’s a Transformers one, and even one based on the movie Rio. Who can forget Space? There’s a racer game, an RPG adventure game, and a spinoff where you play as the pigs.

There were talks about a movie for years, but I always rolled my eyes because that’s taking things too far. Finally, though, they announced the movie. When I saw the initial trailer, I decided to pretend that it didn’t even exist. I mean, it didn’t even make sense! Now they have arms and legs and can talk? Rovio was obviously just cranking out random garbage to make a quick buck.

But then several of my friends saw it and suggested I give it a chance. Of course, I ended up giving in and forced myself to watch it tonight. And, to my surprise, I loved it!

They could have taken what little story the game had (pigs steal eggs, the birds are angry and go after the pigs) and made an equally flimsy film. But no, they expanded on what they had. In fact, the pigs appear to be friendly at first. Only the main character, Red, suspects anything. The eggs aren’t even taken until more than halfway through the film.

The humour was also something that surprised me. I was laughing through most of the movie. Especially at the Lake of Wisdom scene. That part alone gave me a headache from laughing so hard.

Let’s hope Rovio takes this success and makes more good decisions. I’d hate for them to ruin what they’ve done here.