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The Elder Blog: Tomb Raider (2013)

I honestly forgot about this blog series of mine. There’s been several games I’ve played between Assassin’s Creed and now (such as LEGO: Jurassic World and Just Dance 2015), and I’d have loved posting about those. Maybe some other time. … Continue reading

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Can A Remake Be Better Than The Original?

I have been thinking about posting this ever since I did my review of Carrie last Halloween, when I compared the original with the remake and determined that the remake was superior to the original. I had several people upset … Continue reading

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Casabloga: It Follows

As I said in my review of The Ring, I don’t really like modern horror movies very often. Mostly because they try too hard to be scary, and there’s no subtlety anymore.¬†Films like Alien and Psycho are so scary because … Continue reading

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