Casabloga: Where The Sidewalk Ends

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an older movie. This one is truly a classic, and yet not many have heard of it. Where The Sidewalk Ends is a film noir released in 1950.

It’s about a New York police detective, Mark Dixon (Dana Andrews) who tends to get rough with suspects. The film starts with his superior warning him that if it happens again, he’ll be seriously demoted.

Soon, there’s a murder and Dixon goes to the apartment of the main suspect, Kenneth Paine (Craig Stevens). Paine punches Dixon for not leaving, and Dixon instinctively slugs him back, killing him instantly. Turns out he had a silver plate in his head from an injury from The War, and when he hit the floor he hit that, and that’s what killed him.

Dixon immediately tries to cover his tracks, and frames Tommy Scalise (Gary Merrill), an old enemy of his. Everything I’ve described above is just within the first half hour. The film is an hour and a half. There’s not a dull moment in this film, which I highly recommend. It’s on Blu-Ray.