My IGDB Posts: Part 5

The fifth and final entry in a four part trilogy! (lol I saw that on the poster for Scary Movie 5 and always wanted to use it). This won’t be the final entry, but it is the last one of the first batch of posts. I’m going to put the rest of what I have posted into this one, no matter how long it is, then every few months or so make a new entry with all the posts I’ve done in that time. So without further ado, roll that beautiful bean footage!

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (a month ago)

My review of Just Cause 4.

Baikeru in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (a month ago)

I downloaded this game the day it came out on Game Pass, but forgot to play it until this morning. I didn’t realise until then that it was a real time strategy game. I’ve never liked those and always found them boring. Though to be fair, this is the best one I’ve ever played. Which isn’t saying much because I haven’t liked any of them that I’ve played. But then again, I kind of liked this one slightly. I ended up playing it for two hours before uninstalling it. I’m rating it a 3 out of 10, which is the highest I’ve ever rated a RTS.

Baikeru in Dead Cells (a month ago)

I didn’t know anything about Dead Cells other than the IGN review controversy. Last night during the Game Awards it was mentioned alot, and a few people in the IGDB Discord chat recommended it when I said I’d never played it. After the show I bought this and Shadow of the Tomb Raider on sale, and I played this after uninstalling Mutant. I played it for a few hours while Tomb Raider installed (forgot to last night, ended up having to uninstall Red Dead 2 in order to have space for it).

I love games like this! It kind of reminds me of Outland, in an odd way. It’s nothing like that game, other than being a side-scroller, but as I was playing Dead Cells I kept wanting to reinstall Outland. Kind of like how every time I play Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I end up wanting to play Just Cause 3. My mind is confusing.

Anyway, I really enjoy this game and how unique it is, and look forward to playing it more.

Baikeru in Life is Strange 2 (a month ago)

I was going to wait until all five episodes were out to buy Life is Strange 2, but episode one is currently on sale for $4 and I jumped on it. Already passed the section covered in the trailer, and already like it. But I am a little skeptical that it can top the original (and by extension the spin-off). The introduction was spent introducing this great setup for a great high school story like the rest of the series up to this point. Even though I knew this was going to be a road trip game and we likely won’t ever meet them, I was looking forward to meeting those characters and following that story. I’m not sure how this game will work without Max, Chloe, Blackwell, or Arcadia Bay. But from the little I’ve played I like it. I won’t rate it until I’ve finished the episode, but currently I’d give it a 5 out of 10.

I absolutely love Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and I own both (the deluxe edition of Before the Storm). It’s one of the best story, setting, characters, etc, I’ve ever played in a game, and I was hoping they’d somehow find a way to continue that story.

Baikeru (a month ago)

I just did something I never thought I’d do. I’m always seeing “…with/included with EA Access”, and never even considered joining because I don’t like EA very much, for pretty much the same reasons everyone don’t as well. Well, I was bored and looked to see what games they have. I literally own all of the games on the list I consider good. Battlefield 1, Battlefront (I and II), Dante’s Inferno, the Dead Space trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins (though I don’t like that one, I own that and Dragon Age II), Mirror’s Edge (both of them), Titanfall (1 and 2), and Unravel…..

All except for one. I don’t own Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although I hated the first two, everyone has told me that Inquisition was different, and was on the same level as Skyrim and The Witcher III. I’ve been wanting to play it forever but can’t afford it. It’s included in EA Access, and EA Access is only $5 a month.

So yes, I literally joined EA Access just to play Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s installing now.

Baikeru (a month ago)

So…. I just uninstalled Dragon Age: Inquisition. Guess it’s official that I don’t like the series at all. Granted, that one is better than the first two, and I played it longer than I did them, but I still don’t like it. No one’s into everything.

Well, since I still have EA Access for the next month I figured I’d use it. I just looked at everything else they have and I’m currently installing Sims 4, Unravel Two, and Fe.

Baikeru (a month ago)

Well, I’ve played a whole slew of games today. I already posted my bad experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition so I’ll skip that one.

The “Free Weekend” games this week are The Crew 2 and F1 2018. I liked The Crew 2, but chose not to play it anymore because I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I don’t want to get into it and have to stop suddenly on Monday. F1 disappointed me because it’s just a simple racing game, but there’s endless cutscenes. I finally got control of the character and….it’s a first person-mode in an office thing and I had to organize my pit crew? I didn’t even get to the racing before uninstalling it.

Sims 4 also disappointed me. I created two Sims, like I always do when I play a Sims game (a guy and a girl) and was amazed at the customization depth in this game. Unfortunately, once it gets to the actual game, it becomes painfully clear that it was designed for PC. I don’t like PC gaming, but this is one game I’d rather play on a computer.

Fe was very interesting. Where most games these days have lengthy cutscenes and spend too long telling you how to play it, Fe just throws you in this world. I like that. It lets you figure out what to do while occasionally giving you hints at what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s how I’d rather games be. Only tell us the things that are unique to the game. Most other controls are basic (movement, camera, etc).

Unravel Two was the best of the games I played today. I bought the first one the week it came out. It was one of the featured games in the Xbox Store and I thought it looked interesting and I loved it immediately. When I saw EA Access had the sequel (which I hadn’t gotten the chance to play up to this point), I downloaded it without looking closer. Had I done that I’d have seen that it was actually the trial version. But still, I got to play it for a couple hours. In that time I found out that this one is actually somehow better than the original! I thought the addition of a second character would be annoying, but it honestly improves on the first one. They changed several of the rules, but I think it was for the better. I now plan on buying this one next time it’s on sale (the only time I buy games).

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (a month ago)

I’m playing Odyssey for the first time in forever. Actually picked it back up last night. Took a few minutes to get back into the controls. I’ve noticed something. I’ve played several games since I last played this, and some of them lets you pet animals. Red Dead 2 lets you pet dogs, Shadow of the Tomb Raider lets you pet llamas, etc. The fact that you can’t pet anything in Odyssey makes me like it SLIGHTLY less. I see a dog run past me and I’m like, “PUPPY!!!…oh, right…”.

Red Dead 2 has also got me used to taking care of my horse. I know, I complained about that. But I got used to it. I reach my destination and I look for somewhere to hitch Phobos, to the point where I actually spend like thirty seconds looking before remembering you can’t do that and dismount. I also can’t pet him or feed him, or do anything except call him and ride him. I also find myself looking for smoke signals when I’m trying to find bandit camps. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Odyssey and give it 10/10, but I’m still used to all these other games and trying to project them onto it.

I’m also spoiled by Just Cause. Every time I play JC3 or JC4, when I play another game I’m upset because I actually have to walk somewhere, even if it’s just a couple hundred meters. I want to wingsuit over there!! lol So there’s also that bothering me. lol

Baikeru in Life is Strange 2 (a month ago)

I just finished Life is Strange 2: Episode 1. The other day I only played half of the episode, then forgot about it until tonight. I really do like it, but not more than the original. I’m very much invested in these characters and want to see what happens to them next or what they’ll do. But I can’t help drawing comparisons to the other two games in the series. I’m trying to separate them in my mind, but I can’t, and it ruins this game for me slightly, because it isn’t as good as those two. But if this was a brand new IP and was a stand-alone, I’d definitely like it even more.

I currently give it a seven out of ten. But it is still only the first episode. Episode two releases a little more than a month from now (24 January 2019). Who knows, by the end of episode four I might like this story more than the first.

Granted, I fell in love with the story of the first one by the end of the first episode, and I didn’t with this one.

SEE?? I can’t help comparing the two!

Baikeru (24 days ago) [Christmas Day]

Happy Christmas to everyone! I’ve been playing a bunch of games the last few days, and I’ll do a post about that later. I am posting right now for a specific reason. I’ve just cancelled my EA Access account. Even though I only had it a little over a week, I’m cancelling it. For Christmas, most people gave me money (best gift you could give!), and I ended up just buying Unravel Two and Mass Effect: Andromeda, the only two games available through the service I liked that I didn’t already own. It’s $5 a month and there’s only about forty titles, most of them sports games. But do I think it was worth it? Yes, yes I do. I ended up buying two games that I only got to play because I had the service, so yes it was worth it. But that’s the only value I get out of the service. If they were to be like Game Pass and constantly add titles and keep it fresh and interesting, I’d consider keeping it. But from what I’ve read in reviews, they basically launched the service with a few titles and haven’t touched that lineup since. But again, as I said, still worth it. Plus, since I was only with them for about a week, I got a full refund. They still got my money, though, because I bought those two games, so it’s not like they lost anything.

What’s weird is that even though Mass Effect was already installed on my Xbox One, when I purchased it it started downloading again. It’s at 12%, and it didn’t effect my overall storage space. I don’t know why it’s installing what’s already installed, even though it’s not effecting the space…?

Baikeru in Far Cry 5 (21 days ago)

I said a couple days ago that I’ve bought a bunch of games, and I’ll eventually get to all of them on here. I’ll start with this one. Yes, I know I bought it back during the E3 sale back in June, but I’ve finally bought the season pass. It comes with Far Car 3: Classic Edition. Not sure why it’s called that. It’s clearly remastered for next gen, as it looks even better than it did back then. I’ve played it for a bit, then moved on to the other DLC. The zombie one annoys me because they throw way too many zombies at you at once. It’s also not open world, it’s linear. You have to go where it tells you and do as it says. That’s not Far Cry!! I do, however, really like Hours of Darkness, which is set during Vietnam. Kind of reminds me of Breath of the Wild, because you can dash straight to the end of the game right away if you want, or you can go around doing side quests if you want. Either way, the ending is always open to you. I haven’t played the Mars one yet. I’m pretty sure it’s tied to a quest in the main game, and I hadn’t reached that point when I restarted it a few months ago, so I’m playing the main game until I get to that point. You might not have to have reached that point to play the Mars DLC, but I’m using it as an excuse to play the main game again lol. I forgot how much I love this game!

Baikeru in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (19 days ago)

Another one of the games I bought the other day was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Digital Deluxe Edition). It was on sale for $7, and I think still is for a few more days. I’d played this on my roommate’s PS4 last year and really liked it. First time playing a Deus Ex game, but what’s cool is they put a twelve minute recap video so you can catch up with the story. It’s like whoever made this game knew that people play other games! Not only because of the recap video, but because even though there’s a unique control scheme that I couldn’t get accustomed to, there’s an option for a more traditional control scheme which is more comfortable and I’ve been using.

There’s so much to this game, that I’m still at the beginning. I got to Adam’s apartment and I’ve spent the last couple days exploring Prague, because I want to see what all I can do. I’m not even really focusing on the story. Which, honestly, I should do, because I haven’t even gotten to where I can level up and such. What’s kind of funny is I want to move on to another game I bought at the same time, but I can’t stop playing this one. Actually, I’m about to do a separate post about the other game and why I probably shouldn’t have bought it. . .

Baikeru in Middle-earth: Shadow of War (19 days ago)

The other game I bought at the same time I bought Deus Ex was Shadow of War. It’s also on sale. I probably shouldn’t have bought this one, though. I own the definitive edition of Shadow of Mordor, and while I love that game, I also hate it with a passion. I cannot get past the first area. Every time I die the enemy who killed me gets stronger. Eventually they all become so much stronger than me and I don’t stand a chance. I’ve tried it a couple other times and I can’t seem to get past the first area. I always end up rage quitting and uninstalling in anger. No game has made me angrier more than Shadow of Mordor. But yet it’s such a cool game I can’t help trying again six month later.

So why did I buy Shadow of War? I don’t know, probably because I own the first one? Maybe because it was on sale? Perhaps a mix of the two. I plan on playing it, but I don’t know if I need the story from the first one to understand this one or if it’s a different character (but the character in the cover art looks the same, so…). I want to play this one, but I can’t install it yet because it’s over 75GB and I only have 20GB available.

Baikeru in Ori and the Blind Forest (17 days ago)

Happy New Year, everyone! First game I played in 2019 was Ori and the Blind Forest. I know, I know. I’d have assumed it would have been Odyssey. That’s why I don’t get paid for my psychic ability. lol Actually, I was going to play Odyssey, but when I was on the games page on my Xbox I glanced the icon for Ori and decided to play it instead. It was added to Game Pass past month and I’ve been playing it off and on ever since. But I’ve been playing it obsessively the last hour or so. I watched the Time’s Square live stream on YouTube, and have been playing since that ended. This game just keeps getting better and better! I just unlocked the bash ability. When the text box popped up introducing it, I was like, “What? I don’t know what that is or how it could be in any way useful”. But then I tested it out, and now I don’t think I’m going to move around any other way from this point on. LOL

Baikeru in Call of Duty: WWII (15 days ago)

A coworker and I are letting each other borrow a game. I let him borrow The Technomancer and he let me borrow Call of Duty: WWII. I’ve been wanting to play this, because I loved Battlefield 1 and knew that’s why they made this, to try and compete with that. So I was hoping on a quality CoD game for a change. Instead, I’m just getting a modern remake of the original game. It even starts with D-Day and you clearing bunkers. A bit disappointed. They could have done what Dice did with Battlefield 1 and had it span the entire war and tell the wider story. You can see ahead at the coming missions, and you’re just playing this one storyline, starting the last year of the war. Why do all World War II games start with D-Day? I know that’s when the Nazis started getting pushed back, but it’d been going on since 1939. There’s so much more of the story they could be telling! Anyway, it’s still a fun game, but overall I’m disappointed. They were trying to compete with Battlefield 1, and instead they opted to just remake the original game.

Baikeru in Wenjia 14 days ago)

This is an unusual case for me! I was scrolling through the deals in the Xbox Store earlier and I found a game called Wenjia. It kind of reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest, which I’ve been playing lately. Since it was on sale for $4 (and still on sale for the next nine hours if you want to pick it up really cheap. It’s normally $10).

Played it for a few hours and was going to do a quick post about it on here. But there was only a bare bones entry for it. Basically just the title, cover art, and a few bits of info. There wasn’t even any reviews or posts. So this will be the first one, I guess.

Anyway, I spent the last hour or so trying to research as much as I could so I could update this page. Unfortunately, not only was the game not popular at all, the developer and publisher are almost nonexistent online. The publisher was E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd. and the developer was Dilemma Studio. Both located in China, and both have Twitter accounts which have barely been used, and neither have tweets more recent than October. The website for E-Home doesn’t include (but turns out they published Candleman, which I’ve been wanting for a long time and looks really good). The website for Dilemma Studio…doesn’t exist anymore. So that’s not a good sign.

The game turned out to be nothing like Ori, but it’s still a good game, and I like it. We need to support indie developers, so I went ahead and bought the one DLC it comes which, which is the game’s soundtrack. I highly recommend everyone reading this to go buy the game. I want to see them make more games!

Baikeru in Ōkami HD (13 days ago)

Last night I bought four more games. Which is ridiculous because I haven’t even played all of the last big batch I bought last week or the one the week before that. I think I might be addicted to buying games…

Anyway, I bought Saban”s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle, Yooka-Laylee, Far Cry: Primal, and Okami HD.

I just played Okami, and I was reminded why I quit playing it when I had a Wii years ago. I mean, after the half hour of text boxes for the introduction, you finally get control of the character. But you can’t walk five feet without that annoying bug thing stopping you to tell you something. I think I prefer Navi’s “Hey listen!”, because at least you could just ignore her most of the time.

Other than that, the game is amazing. But I got frustrated after an hour and turned it off. I might try again some other time.

Baikeru in Absolver: Downfall (9 days ago)

I’ve never heard of Absolver before, but Xbox just added it to Game Pass. The trailer looked kind of cool, so I thought I’d try it. I like it almost immediately. The other day I posted complaining about Okami having a super long opening before you got the gameplay, then the gameplay being cut up by cutscenes. Well, Absolver has like a thirty second cutscene, then you have control of the character. Tips appear on the screen, without disrupting the gameplay. You can actually ignore the prompts if you’d rather figure it out on your own. I played for a couple hours before turning it off to go to sleep (but thought I’d do this post really quick while it was fresh on my mind).

The game is both really easy to just pick up and play, and really complex gameplay-wise. Good thing I was used to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’s controls, because this reminded me of it. There’s, like, multiple layers of controls you can toggle between, like in Odyssey. On top of that, you can customize the moves. I don’t think I’m describing it right. It’s 3am and I can already tell I’m not going to remember typing this in the morning because I’m already halfway in a dream state, and I keep stopping for several seconds to close my eyes. I’ll do a more coherent post later, maybe tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll have more time. Well, “today” because it’s after midnight…

Baikeru in Absolver: Downfall (8 days ago)

(continuing my previous post)

…sure enough, I vaguely remember posting that lol. Anyway, I played it some more when I woke up, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the game. What I meant about the layered controls in the last post is like how in Odyssey you press LB to use abilities, and then press down on the d-pad to get another set of abilities. This one does something similar. You press RT and use the right stick to choose between four styles of fighting. You can change what each one is.

I didn’t get too far into the game, though. I passed through two gates. I like the game, but likely won’t play it too much. I’ve got too many other games on my list to play. Which is both exciting (because I’ll never be truly bored) and upsetting (I’m not able to sink 250 hours into every game like I did with Odyssey).

One last thing I will point out about this game. It’s always online, and you will run into other players all the time. The game makes it clear at the beginning that you can attack everyone, but you don’t have to. What I’ve noticed is that out of everyone I came across in the game, not a single one of them attacked. We usually helped each other defeat enemies, then went on our own paths. At one point, I was near where I needed to be when I heard a fight not far away. I turned back, located it, then helped the player defeat them. They then used a bowing emote (oh, yeah. This game uses emotes. Forgot to mention that…), and I bowed back, and went back where I was going.

Overall, I thing this game is great, and I wish I had time to devote to it. It’s available on Game Pass right now, so if you want to play it I highly recommend it.

Baikeru in Refunct (8 days ago)

I bought two games tonight. The first one was an indie title I’ve never heard of before called Refunct. It was on sale in the Xbox Store for 98c (normally $2.99), so I figured even if it ended up sucking it’s not much of a loss. But as it turns out, it was so good that I’d have gladly paid full price had it not been on sale. It’s a very short game, and in fact there’s an achievement for completing it in under four minutes, and another for completing it in under eight minutes. I didn’t get either of these. It took me about half an hour to complete, because I took my time and took everything in. I got all of the other achievements, though (except for one where you complete the game under 33%). It’s an oddly relaxing game. I actually had an emotionally exhausting day (one of my bestfriends miscarried last night), and this was the first time today I didn’t feel like bursting into tears. It kind feels like a cross between de Blob and Mirror’s Edge.

Which brings me to the second game I bought. I obtained the original Mirror’s Edge a couple years ago, when it was free through Games with Gold. I loved the game and always wanted to play the sequel.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is currently $5 in the Xbox Store, and it’s also currently installing.

Baikeru in Candleman: The Complete Journey (7 days ago)

I got paid tonight, so you know what that means!! That’s right! I bought more games! Someone send help! lol

Anyway, before I begin, I mentioned last night that I was installing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (which I bought last night…because of course I did). When I woke up this morning I played it past the introduction. I like it more than the first one thus far, but I’ll play it more later. I spent most of the day watching videos. Still felt down today.

I bought The Bridge, which I played when it was on Game Pass. Unfortunately, they removed it from there and I had to stop playing it. It’s currently on sale for just a couple dollars, so I grabbed it. It’s a really good game. Very surreal and disorienting, which I never thought I’d say about a side-scroller.

Another game I bought was an interesting indie game called Inside My Radio. It’s a side-scrolling, platforming, rhythm game. If that sounds like an odd combination, well then that’s because this is an odd game. Not a bad one, either. The controls are easy to pick up, and the music is really catchy. Which is a good thing to have in a music-based game.

I’ve played and beat Watch Dogs 2 when it came out, but on the PS4. Tonight I bought the Gold Edition. Probably won’t play it right away, beCAUSE I’ve already beaten it and I have so many other games to play. But at least now I have it for when I eventually want to play it.

And finally, the game I have tagged in this post. I found Candleman months ago and have been wanting to buy it ever since, but I kept forgetting about it. Tonight I remembered finally and bought it. But here’s the funny thing; the standard edition was $15, while the “Complete Journey” edition, with the DLC and additional levels, was $12. So…yeah, that wasn’t a hard choice. Oh, and neither was on sale, that’s just how it was priced. Good job, Xbox Store! lol

Anyway, Candleman is even better than I was hoping! I’ve always gotten this bizarre existential vibe from the trailers, and that definitely is part of the actual game. The game starts with Candleman looking into a mirror and wondering why he exists. Like, literally the definition of existential. That’s really intriguing for a game based on a candlestick.

The gameplay is very simple, but fun. You could just run to the end of the level really fast, but you get more joy out of it if you look for the other candles and light them. But you can’t just run around the dark map holding down the ignite button, because you quickly run out of wax. You have just enough to light the eight to ten candles, and occasionally give a quick burst of light to see if you’re about to fall into a hole or something.

I highly recommend all four games I bought (six if you count Refunct and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst last night…).

Baikeru in Fallout 76 (5 days ago)

Here’s a post I never thought I’d make! Last night I rented Fallout 76 from a Redbox on the way home from work. I’ve been checking since the game came out but it’s always been out. They finally had it. I wanted to rent it from Redbox because it was only $3. Didn’t want to pay for the full thing when I already knew I was going to hate it. But unfortunately, the entire night was spent just installing the game, and I had to work at 8am today so I ended up not playing it. I sent Redbox a message on Twitter asking what should I do, because I basically wasted a night just installing. They could see from my order number that I was being honest so they gave me a second night free of charge. I’ve been playing it from the time I got home from work after 4pm until just now (10:30pm).

Much to my surprise, I actually like the game. Granted, I’m sure they’ve already patched most of the issues out. There’s still a few big glitches, though, but I legitimately enjoy the game, and intend to buy it next time it’s on sale. I wouldn’t call it game of the year or anything, and I don’t expect to play it enough to be a high level expert, but I know I’ll want to play this game from time to time once I return it tomorrow.

My few complaints actually don’t have anything to do with the glitches, but rather annoyances with the nature of the game. Like, in regular Fallout games (or most games in general), you can go into your inventory and swap weapons mid-fight. While you can technically do that in Fallout 76, you risk dying. I ran out of ammo in my pistol and only had a melee weapon as my secondary weapon. Had I tried to open the inventory to get a different gun, I’d have been killed. But that’s more of an annoyance than a real complaint. It causes you to think on your feet and really strategise. I’ve noticed in other games where the games pauses when you open the inventory, I basically relax as I take my time to carefully select my items. In Fallout 76, if I take a chance to open the inventory during combat, I have to quickly pick what’s right there and hope it’s good enough for this fight. It’s annoying, but it’s also kind of fun in a way.

I rate this game seven out of ten.

Baikeru in Ori and the Blind Forest (2 days ago)

(the following is my review of the game, copied and pasted as a post)

Ori and the Blind Forest really surprised me. I’ve been seeing it in the Xbox Store for awhile now and thought it’d be a boring indie game that I’d give up on after an hour or so. Only reason I even played it was because it was added to Game Pass. By the end of the introduction I loved it. It was emotional and left me in shock and awe, and I did tear up a little….AT THE INTRO!!! I’ve been playing it for a couple weeks now, and I just beat the game. The ending not only had be tear up, but literally shed tears!! Obviously not going to spoil what happens, but I was not expecting what happens.

I’m sitting here trying to describe the game and what I love about it, but there’s just so much there to write about. There’s literally an hour between the last paragraph and this one, because I’m struggling to put into words my thoughts on this game. The gameplay is amazing, the music is powerful (and the soundtrack is on Spotify), and the exploration is one of the best Metroidvania-style games since Super Metroid. You progressively get upgrades so the game is constantly getting more and more interesting. Every upgrade I got made me excited, as it meant more areas I could access and things I could do.

I’m really excited about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and am upset that there’s no definitive release date yet. It just says 2019.

The only complaint I have with this game is the extreme difficulty during some parts. While most of the game is just the right amount of challenging, there are certain parts of the game which caused me to rage quit for a couple days. It’s mostly when completing the main areas, you have to escape the area while being chased by a flood, or lava, or the main villain, or something. However, I would only want those parts’ difficulty level lowered slightly. If it was slightly lowered it’d actually feel like an accomplishment when completing those sections. There come a point when you fail an area so much it stops being fun, and completing it is less “I did it!” and more “ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!”.

And for that reason, and that reason only, I’m giving this game a 9 out of 10 instead of a perfect score.

Baikeru in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (11 hours ago) [Currently my most recent post]

I said recently that I bought Shadow of War on sale in the Xbox Store. Which was a weird choice for me because I had yet to complete Shadow of Mordor. I’d bought the Game of the Year Edition about a year ago, and I both liked it for being an awesome game, and hated it for it’s high difficulty level. So I wanted to play Shadow of War, but a friend told me that the story picks up where the first leaves off. So I thought I’d try it again.

Reading about it, I realised what my problem was the first time. I love stealth, and use it whenever I can. Which makes it even weirder that I never used stealth the first time I played it. The game stresses that you need to use stealth, and half of the buttons are used for stealth. And yet it never occurred to me to use stealth. I’d just run towards a group of Uruks and blame the game when I’d die too quickly. Every time you die, the Uruk that killed you levels up and gets more powerful. Pretty soon, half of the enemies on the map were one-hit killing me, and I hadn’t even finished a single mission. A few months after rage quitting I tried picking up where I left off, but rage quit again after a few hours. I’d already screwed up that save because all of the enemies were too powerful.

This time I deleted that save and started from the very beginning. I actually noticed the stealth prompts and used them. I’ve completed four missions and have only died twice. This game is very good when you play it the way it was intended to be played, and I might actually enjoy it this time!

My IGDB Posts: Part 4

Now I’m about halfway up my profile. I’m going to try to finish it in this post and the next one.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (2 months ago)


I started a new save in Odyssey a couple days ago like I said I would, this time making different choices. The first time I killed the Wolf of Sparta (I forget how to spell his actual name. Basically a Spartan version of “Nicolas”) and Deimos, which gave me the bad ending. This time I’m going for the good ending. I explained this in my other post the other day.

Anyway, I just got to the part where I have to choose whether to kill him or save him. Obviously this time I saved him. I knew I was going to, but I still got oddly emotional during the cutscene. It was like an alternate timeline. I saw him die, and now I’m saving him. That was the bad timeline, this is the good timeline. It’s the first big change I’ve made. The first time I played I let the sick family live and killed the soldiers trying to kill them. I thought it was the right thing, but then the plague pretty much wiped out my home island. This time I killed them, so let’s see if the island is still in good condition at the end of the game. But other than that, it’s played the same thus far.

But I expect that to change now that I’ve spared the Wolf.

Baikeru in NBA 2K19 (2 months ago)

I just typed a very long post here and when I clicked Post it disappeared. It’s not the first time this has happened, either…

Anyway, NBA 2K19, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Surviving Mars are currently free through Xbox Free Weekend. They’ll be free from today through the 18th.

Just like how I don’t like football but gave Madden ’18 a chance, I don’t like basketball but gave 2K19 a chance. However, unlike football, I actually played basketball in middle school. Granted, I wasn’t any good at it, but I at least have some basic knowledge about the game. I think 2K19 is much better than Madden ’18. For starters, you actually get to move the players around the court freely and can switch players at will. It’s much easier to pick up and play than Madden ’18 (I’m specifying ’18 because for all I know the others are better and the way that one played was the first time they used that style, and in Madden ’19 they went back to the old style or made a new better one. That’s why I keep saying Madden ’18 instead of just Madden).

But basketball isn’t my thing, so I just turned it off. About to start Siege. I played it last year on my roommate’s PS4. I liked it, but not enough to buy it. I preferred the original Rainbow Six on the Dreamcast. It’s the game that got me into tactical shooters in the first place.

I’m a little curious about Surviving Mars. It’s made by the team that made Tropico 3 through 5. I played the original Tropico on PC like ten years ago. But apparently a different team made the other ones. Surviving Mars is basically Tropico on Mars. It’s still installing, so I’ll go play Siege now.

Baikeru in Hello Neighbor (2 months ago)

Brief update on my post from earlier before I get to what I want to talk about now…

I played Siege for an hour before uninstalling it. I don’t know what changed, but I don’t like it now. Then when I tried to play Surviving Mars, it wouldn’t start and kept crashing. So I uninstalled it.

Anyway, I got paid today. I’m currently installing seven games. I only bought one. Thief is currently $3 in the Xbox Store for the next two days. I’ve been wanting to play it forever, and now I will be able to.

I also renewed my Game Pass subscription. When I bought Odyssey at the beginning of October I knew I wouldn’t be playing much else for awhile so I let my Game Pass expire for now. I’m still deep in my second playthrough, but I am willing to play other games now. The other games I am installing are Thief of Thieves, Sniper Elite 4, PuBG, Crackdown 3: Campaign, Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone, and Hello Neighbor.

Turns out the two modes of Crackdown 3 on Game Pass is early. You can’t play them, and if you try it tells you to wait until release day.

Since it was the smallest game of the bunch (other than to two Crackdown 3 modes, which were both 100 MB each…which should have been a red flag to me), I installed Hello Neighbor first after the two Crackdown 3 modes, and am about to play it. Literally the only things I know about it comes from MatPat‘s videos on the game.

[I left the following as a comment on that post]

lol Before I went to sleep, the two new Games With Gold games were added, Race the Sun and Dante’s Inferno. So add those to the list of games I installed last night.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2 months ago)

Ever since uninstalling it a couple weeks ago, my roommate and a couple coworkers have criticized me for not liking Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m usually not one for peer pressure, but I’ve decided to reinstall it and give it another chance. It’s currently installing. I’ll play it for a full week this time and if I still don’t like it I’ll uninstall it and update my review on here. If I end up liking it…well, I’ll play it for another week, because Just Cause 4 will be out 4 December and I’ll be preordering that. And I’ll update my review if I like it. Either way, I’ll be updating my review of the game. I did that after only playing it a few hours, so it’s only fair I update it once I’ve sunk more time into it.

Baikeru in Fortnite (2 months ago)

I posted the following on my Facebook timeline last night, about 24 hours ago. Was meaning to post it here after I posted it there but I fell asleep and forgot to until now. I normally don’t do long posts about gaming on my Facebook, but I know I’ve got a ton of friends who play Fortnite, so I made an exception for this one. Sure enough, it currently has like fifty comments and started a nice discussion…

I’ve played Fortnite before, but only a few matches every few months or so. Tonight a couple friends wanted me to play with them. By the time I had it installed they’d stopped for the night, but I thought I’d play a little by myself for a bit.

Bit of an explanation for those who don’t know, in Fortnite (and most battle royale games like PUBG), there are 100 players in a deathmatch. You die, you’re out. It’s basically the Hunger Games. You can also tear down everything and craft walls and ramps and such. Hunger Games meets Minecraft.

Anyway, before tonight, the highest I’d ranked was #8, but I never really counted it because I found a house, built a wall, and just waited it out. Someone eventually found me as they were tearing down stuff for materials. I ranked #8 but my stats sucked because I didn’t do anything. The highest I’d ranked actually playing was #87.

Well, tonight I decided I would actually play right and try to get better.
My third match, I fall off a hill and am near death, crawling around. Three people run up to me and I’m thinking, “Well, this is it. I didn’t last long”. Suddenly I’m recovered and can stand, so I quickly switch to my gun and shoot at the person closest. Nothing happens. Over the headset I hear, “Dude! We’re you’re squad!”

So, yeah. Apparently you can be in a team of up to four people now. And I found out the most awkward way possible. Luckily I had a mic and told them it was my third match. Obviously they understood and talked with me, walking me through how to play the right way. We ended up all dying at once in an ambush, and I ranked #17. My highest legitimate ranking.

I kept playing for the next couple hours until about ten minutes ago. My last match was the most exciting! I did it by hiding, but unlike months ago when I hid the match out, I used stealth. I crouched and snuck around the map. Several times, I came across a shoot out, and I’d take out a sniper rifle I found and took out multiple people from a distance. They were in a fire fight, they all just assumed they were killing each other. Only people who knew what was going on were the people I killed, because when you die you can see the gameplay of the person who killed you.

I ended up dying, but not because someone found me. Someone was firing a rocket launcher in every direction and one got me. I ranked #4.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2 months ago)

(second attempt…you’d think I would know by now to copy the text before trying to post it)

I said I would force myself to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for a week. The first couple days I almost cancelled that, because I disliked it that much. But them more I played, the more I found myself liking it. To the point where I didn’t even realise it’d been ten days! Most of the stuff I complained about before, you get used to most of it, and some of the other things were stuff that you rank out of. I don’t have to maintain my horse as much anymore because I’ve maxed out the bond. Stuff like that…

I’d actually came on here to post that Crackdown (the original) is currently free in the Xbox Store for a limited time, and I have installing right now. I’ve never played one of those, and literally all I know about it is what I saw in the Crackdown 3 trailer. That was enough to get me excited for that game. But the first one will hold me over until that releases next year. Plus, I’ll be able to play the story so I at least know what’s going on.

Finally, when I get paid tomorrow, I’m pre-ordering Just Cause 4: Gold Edition. I’ve been excited about that one since E3!

Baikeru in Crackdown (2 months ago)

I’ve been playing Crackdown since last night, as it’s currently free in the Xbox Store. I’d never played a Crackdown game before, so this was new to me. Right off the bat, I really enjoyed this game. It doesn’t bother with a lengthy cutscene or anything. Once you select your difficulty level and character skin, you can immediately control the character. You have to do a short introductory mission, but that only lasts a couple minutes. The game is very fun and easy to pick up and play. I get strong Saints Row vibes from it, which just made me love it even more. I’d already been looking forward to Crackdown 3, but now I’m even more excited about it.

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (2 months ago)

I just pre-ordered Just Cause 4: Gold Edition a few hours ago, and it immediately installed. After pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 an hour before each released, I’m used to playing pre-orders once they’ve installed. Out of habit I went to open Just Cause 4 once it finished installing, and was disappointed when a message popped up telling me to wait until release day. I mean, I should have expected that, but I was still a little disappointed. But luckily, since I bought the Gold Edition, I get to play it on Sunday instead of Tuesday. This is my first anything-other-than-Standard-Edition to pre-order. Heck, before Odyssey, the only game I’d ever pre-ordered was Just Dance 2017, and that was the physical copy. Amazon got it to me the day it released! I also pre-ordered the Blu-ray of The Force Awakens directly from Disney, and I got it four days after release. Soooo, yeah, if I pre-order a physical copy of anything in the future I’m going through Amazon.

lol Anyway, I just have two days to wait until I get to play this game! In the meantime I’m going back and forth between Odyssey, Red Dead 2, Crackdown, and (randomly) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (2 months ago)

I’ve been playing Just Cause 4 since 7pm Cincinnati time. At first I was slightly disappointed because I was hoping it’d be more like Just Cause 3, but it’s not. Yes, I was disappointed because they did something original instead of giving us more of the same. But as I play it more and more, the more I’m liking this new game. Currently I don’t think it tops JC3, but it’s not a terrible game at all. It does have several glitches I’ve seen, but every game has glitches at release (and I’m playing it a full day before release). Give it a few weeks and I’m sure Avalanche will patch out most of the glitches. I’m not going to review it yet, but here’s a video I made a few hours ago. I’m much further in the game now, but this is pretty much my four-hours-in impression.

My IGDB Posts: Part 3

I’m not even halfway up my profile yet! This is going to take longer than I thought!

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Well, you learn something new everyday. This will also be a little awkward…

I’ve always heard of Twitch Prime, which is the paid Twitch service. I never even thought of getting it because I don’t use Twitch enough. (for those who don’t know, Twitch is a video streaming service, primarily used for streaming gameplay video). I also thought it was weird that they’d name their paid version the same as Amazon’s paid version.

Well, I just saw a thing on IGN that said that if you have an Amazon Prime account you can get free items in certain games through Twitch. I thought that was odd that Amazon would offer free stuff through Twitch, but I looked on the page anyway and found free gear for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, that game I’ve been playing the last couple weeks. I got excited and claimed the free gear, then accessed it in the game and was really happy.

But then I was curious why Amazon would do that, so I looked it up……
Yeah, I had no idea that Amazon owns Twitch. A Twitch Prime account is included with your Amazon Prime account, which is why it’s called Twitch Prime. I’ve had Twitch Prime all this time and never even knew it! Feel like I should have known that. . .

Baikeru in Victor Vran (3 months ago)

I had chemo yesterday and wasn’t really feeling like playing Odyssey at the moment, so I watch the new Philip DeFranco episode, watched a couple episodes of Making A Murderer: Part 2, and then watched a few more videos on YouTube. By then I wanted to play a game, but still didn’t want to play Odyssey. Victor Vran is currently one of the free Games With Gold titles this month. It’s not my type of game at all, but I went ahead and installed it for moments like this. It’s a top down RPG, which I typically hate. This is another instance where I shouldn’t judge a game by it’s genre, because I liked the game almost as soon as I gained control of the character. Now I’m two hours in and I really like this game. It oddly reminds me of Murdered: Soul Suspect (another game I love), even though that’s not even remotely related to this one. I guess it’s because of the lighting and atmosphere. If you have Gold, be sure to grab this game while it’s available, it’s a good game.

Baikeru (3 months ago)

I’ve been thinking about making this list ever since I found out that there’s eleven main Assassin’s Creed titles, and that I’ve played all of them. It’s my top ten Assassin’s Creed titles!

10) Revelations
9) Assassin’s Creed II
8) Assassin’s Creed III
7) Syndicate
6) Assassin’s Creed
5) Brotherhood
4) Unity
3) Black Flag
2) Origins
1) Odyssey (this came as a surprise to no one)

I didn’t like Rogue at all, and actually forgot all about it until I saw the HD Remaster in the Xbox Store a couple weeks ago.

I am still playing Odyssey, and plan to for awhile. But I also plan on preordering Red Dead Redemption II tonight when I get paid. It comes out tomorrow. I’m only preordering because I want the War Horse preorder bonus. Might not actually play it until I’ve finished with Odyssey, which may not be for a long time.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (3 months ago)

I JUST PREORDERED RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 AND IT’S CURRENTLY INSTALLING!!! Just a warning, It’s 87.87 GB. Luckily I had over 250 GB free because I uninstalled most of my games when I installed Odyssey because I knew I wouldn’t be playing much else for awhile, but not everyone will have that much space available. Also, Odyssey is 46.1 GB, almost half the size of Red Dead 2 (technically 3, but whatever). I’m probably not going to play this one right away because I’m still playing Odyssey, but I’ll just have to wait and see. My excitement might cause me to be like, “What’s Odyssey?” in a couple days. lol

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (3 months ago)

Right, so I know last night I joked that in two days my excitement would get the better of me, and here it is not even 24 hours later… lol Well, I was thinking about it and realised that Ubisoft will be updating Odyssey for the next two years, and the first of the season pass stuff won’t start rolling out until December, so why am I trying to do everything right now? I have plenty of time to fully enjoy everything. Besides, a little bit ago I reached a great stopping place. If Odyssey was a movie or show, there’s a be a “To Be Continued” pop up and the credits roll. So I’m going to go watch today’s Philip DeFranco, the new Kendall Rae video, then start Red Dead Redemption II! I’M SO EXCITED! (and I just can’t hide it…

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (3 months ago)

Initial thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2…

Thus far, honestly I’m not too impressed. It’s a very slow start. Been playing for about four hours and am just now getting to the free roaming part. At least I hope so. Up till now it’s been linear and cutscenes, and very slow walking and talking. Granted, there’s been a bunch of character development, and there’s a couple characters I really like already because of what has been revealed of their personality and story. But for a highly anticipated game like this, for them to spend the first few hours very slowly making your way through the snow is very disappointing. Compare that with GTA V‘s action packed shootout opening, followed by a high speed car race… Yeah, I was hoping for something more for an opening.

Of course, this is just my initial thoughts on the first few hours. I’m sure it’ll get better. This game has gotten rave reviews, so I’m sure it does get better. I’m not going to rate it on here yet until I’ve played it a few days and have a better idea of the gameplay. But if I were to rate it right now I’d give it a three out of ten as of right now. Hopefully it gets better. If you’re planning on playing it, just be warned that the opening hours are very slow. (as I’ve said repeatedly here). I’ll do another post on it tomorrow once I’ve played some more.

Bit of a funny side note, though. It’s currently really cold outside where I live, and the windows are open because the apartments where I live has automatic heaters that get too hot, so I have to open the windows or burn up. So I was freezing while walking through the snow in the game. Which kind of added to the emersion. lol I just thought that was funny.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (3 months ago)

(I left this as a review but thought I’d also make it a post as well)

Right, so I’ve played Red Dead Redemption 2 for a bit more, so I can really talk about what I really think about it. Yesterday I posted that I didn’t like it too much because the beginning was too slow and drawn out. But shortly after, I made it past that part to the open world, the main game, and the game definitely improves once it opens up. It is a little intimidating because you have to keep an eye on everything, like you’re playing Sims. I’d rather just play the game and run around doing things, but I have to keep an eye on if I’m hungry, if my horse is happy, and other things. If you don’t eat or sleep often you’ll lose stamina and won’t be able to run or do most basic things. Which is kind of a cool concept of an idea, but kind of annoying in practice. Everyone says that they want more and more realistic games, but if they made a 100% realistic game, it’d be the most boring game ever made.

But I don’t want to just sit here and complain about the game. There are things I really do like. The stealth is really cool. You will sometimes have your gang with you, and you can sync shot like in Wildlands, so you can take out multiple targets through silent ranged at the same time. I’ll almost always choose stealth when it’s offered, and I love the stealth here. I also like the Eagle Vision. That’s what they actually call it! Ubisoft should sue! lol But seriously, it’s very helpful and I’m glad they added it to the game.

One feature I was confused about when they announced it was the hair growth. For some reason, it was difficult for me to fathom real time hair growth in a game. I’m used to picking a hair style in games and it staying that way until I change it. But in RDR2, Arthur’s hair and facial hair will grow if you don’t get it trimmed. And unlike past R* games (which I know is always on lists of complaints of their games), you can’t go to the barber and have them give you any style on the list, including longer. You can only make it shorter. It’s actually oddly realistic.

There’s a ton more I could talk about, but I’ve covered the main parts. This game is much better than I was thinking yesterday. I give it a seven out of ten.

Baikeru (3 months ago)

Okay, I’m a bit angry right now. Feel I’ve been lied to by the gaming community. Or maybe this is a Mandela Effect moment. I don’t know. Long ago I asked on Reddit how to record my voice in gameplay videos, and the Xbox One subreddit told me that I needed to get an adaptor for my controller. It was very expensive, so I didn’t bother. Well, I had a little left over after buying RDR2 the other day so I went ahead and got one. I literally only bought it so I can record my voice into my gameplay videos. Currently I’m having to record on my phone as I play, then edit it together after. It has awful results…

…Well, it came in the mail today and I excitedly set it up. Only to find that it doesn’t record my voice. In fact, it doesn’t do anything. I still have to disable audio through the TV in order to use the headset. I looked on the subreddit again, only to learn that apparently you can’t record your voice into gameplay live at all. There’s a ton of videos on YouTube showing how to use your PC to do it, but I can’t do that. I seriously think that’s messed up! My roommate has a PS4 and I used that for a year before I bought my Xbox One, and on the PS4 you can easily record your voice into gameplay footage as you record. I don’t know why Microsoft has to make everything so complicated!

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (3 months ago)

I know I’m probably the only person in the world saying this, but I don’t like Red Dead Redemption 2. It felt like I was having to force myself to play it, and when there were missions I was like, “Now I have to go do this”.

I switched back to Odyssey. I’m actually much happier when I play it, and I legitimately enjoy playing it. I actively seek out as many side quests as possible, and even when I’m doing rage-inducing quests or battles, I’m still having fun. Though those rage moments are happening less now because I’m level 50 and all of my gear is upgraded. I died much less now, if not rarely.

In fact, I was thinking yesterday about those who buy their way to this point instead of grinding. If that’s what you do, that’s totally cool for you and I’m not bashing anyone for doing that, but I noticed something yesterday that makes the whole grinding thing feel worth it in the end. At the beginning of the game, I’d come across bears and pigs and they’d easily kill me. I even jokingly told a friend, “Those pigs mean business!”. Even when I was level 20 and 30 this was happening. Well, now I can one shot them both as I run past them. It felt awesome knowing that I worked that hard and it all paid off. It’d feel like cheating to me if I paid to bypass that grinding part.

Anyway, I’m probably sticking with Odyssey for the time being. I’m planning on preordering Just Cause 4: Ultimate Edition. I loved the third one, and I have all of the DLC for that one, and the new one looks even better.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (2 months ago)


130 hours in, and I just killed the last Cultist, then beat the final story mission. I’ve got a bunch of side quests littering the map. I’m thinking of replaying it twice. This first time I played it the way I wanted, and tried to be a good character (I killed “Wolf of Sparta” and “Diemos”). I got the worst ending. I’m planning for my second playthrough, leaving them two alive, because that’s how you get the best ending. Basically, first playthrough, I sided with Athens, second playthrough I side with Sparta. Both times I make morally good choices and help as many people as I can. I didn’t sleep with anyone my first playthrough and I won’t my second playthrough.

The third playthrough I’ll make all of the wrong choices. Lie to everyone, steal, cheat, kill everyone even if their innocent, etc.

That’s what’s great about this game. Three different playthroughs, and I’m sure all three will be completely different experiences. I think the best ending will be my official playthrough for when the DLC comes out.

I’ve spent so much time in this game I’m literally emotionally attached. I was determined to kill the entire Cult of Kosmos, including my brother. When it got to the leader, I suspected it might have been Aspasia based on the clues. I was shocked to discover I was right. Which sucked for me, because I really liked her. I didn’t want to kill her, I really didn’t. Luckily you don’t have to, because (reasons that are complicated, but she isn’t evil). When it got to the point where I made the decision to either join her or kill her, I left the option page up for awhile while I literally started going into an anxiety attack. I didn’t want to kill her, but I also wanted to kill every last Cultist.

I ended up deciding that when I do the best ending and not kill Deimos, I will also not kill Aspasia. Making it the best ending possible.

Baikeru in Just Dance 2019 (2 months ago)

I bought Just Dance 2019 last night and played it for a few hours this morning. It’s the best one in the series since 2015, though not up to that level. Just Dance 2016, 2017, and 2018 each dropped in quality to the point where I only played a few of the songs on 2018. In fact, I literally only bought that one so I’d still own the entire series. But I’ve been excited about 2019 for a couple months, since they revealed the full song list. There are actually a few good songs and routines this time! I got a great workout this morning playing it, and I think I’m going to enjoy this one. I also love the stylistic change they’ve made. Every game since 2014 has had roughly the same style, and this one completely revamps the look and feel of the UI, which was much needed and is much appreciated. Still miss the fully Kinect-ability of the older titles. You used to be able to turn the controller off to charge while you play and use your hand to guide the cursor. I liked that. You also used to be able to use your voice to start the dance. Now you use the controller for everything except for the actual dances themselves. I wasn’t expecting them to go back to that, I’m just still disappointed that they got rid of that. But overall, this is the most satisfied I’ve been with one of these since Just Dance 2015.

My IGDB Posts: Part 2

I’m making this immediately after making Part 1, and will likely continue until I’ve caught up with my current posts. Anyway, let’s continue…

Baikeru in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (4 Months ago)

Usually when they add a bunch of new games to Game Pass at once, it’s pretty much just one good title, plus a bunch of weak titles. Not this time. They’ve added a bunch of really good games tonight. I’ll start with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. A couple months ago, I played and beat Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. I’d never heard of the series before, but after playing that one for a couple hours I looked it up and found out it was a long-running series. After watching a “History of Shantae” video on YouTube [note added for this blog post; I actually searched my YouTube history for the actual video I watched], I was caught up with the story so I knew who was who and what was going on. I loved it, and wanted more. Came very close to buying Half-Genie Hero a couple weeks ago, but now I’m glad I didn’t because now it’s on Game Pass (I bought Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online shortly before they were added to the service).

I was going to set all the title to install then go to sleep, but I started with Shantae. It is such a small game that by the time I set the others to install (including the two new free Gold games), Shantae had finished installing. I couldn’t resist and started playing immediately. I must say, even though I love the first one*, this one is definitely an improvement! It’s challenging enough that I died a few times, but easy enough that by the end of the second map I had the new controls down and was playing as if I’d been playing it for several days. I just finished the second map, and now I will go to sleep. I’ll probably review some of the others once I’ve played them.

*I know Pirate’s Curse isn’t the first Shantae game, but it’s the first one I’ve played, and according to that History video, it served as a sort of soft reboot to the series. So in that sense, Pirate’s Curse is the first one and Half-Genie Hero is the second one. Even though in reality they’re the third and fourth games in the series.

Baikeru in Wolfenstein: The New Order (4 months ago)

The second game I’m playing that’s new to Game Pass this month is Wolfenstein: The New Order. I’ve been avoiding this game because I assumed it was just another standard first-person shooter. I mean, it was one of the first and I always used to get it and Doom mixed up as a kid, and now they have a new Doom and a new Wolfenstein around the same time. They’re the same thing!!

But I figured I may as well give it a chance since it’s on Game Pass now. And I have to admit I was definitely wrong! It feels like they were aware that there’s an over abundance of first-person shooters, so tried doing everything they could to avoid clichés. It seriously doesn’t feel like any FPS I’ve ever played before.

Unlike Doom where the goal is to run in guns blazing and doesn’t really allow for stealth (my preferred play style), Wolfenstein literally rewards you for using stealth. Plus there’s dual wielding guns done right! Typically when you dual wield in games, you press the regular fire button and it fires both guns. either alternating between the two or at the same time. In Wolfenstein, the right trigger fires the right gun, the left trigger fires the left gun. I was a little too excited when I realised that.

I also like the option side quests. In the first mission, I was supposed to meet my people at “the bunker”, but I saw another objective not far from there. That one has a question mark next to it. I went there and it started a new mission where I had to take out the anti-aircraft guns. After I finished, it continued the story. I didn’t have to do that mission, but I’m glad it existed, because it was a fun side mission.

Overall, I’m legitamately impressed with this game. Where with Doom I got bored with it after a few hours, I can see myself beating this game, and I also want to play the sequel and the other one announced at E3. With his daughters. (I wasn’t paying attention when they were talking about it because I didn’t care about the series at the time).

Baikeru (4 months ago)

I’ve installed all of the newly listed Game Pass games save for one. Split/Second. Reason is because it looks like every racing game ever. I mean, it’s literally listed next to another one in the Recent list, ONRUSH. If you look at that one, it’s description starts with “A new breed of racing game”. But looking at the screenshots on the two games’ pages, they’re pretty much identical and have the same style and everything. Has anyone played these two, and if so what’s so special about them? Is there anything that sets them apart from every other racing game? I’m not wanting to dismiss them entirely because of what happened earlier, when I found out Wolfenstein is actually a good game after dismissing it as just another FPS. But I don’t want to install them to find out because I already have a digital stack of games I have to get through. My game queue overfloweth. lol

Baikeru in Forza Horizon 4 (3 months ago)

Forza Horizon 4 released yesterday and is available in Game Pass. I would have played it before now, but I had to work yesterday and had chemo today (and am still a little bleh), but now that I’m playing it I can say that in keeping with the Forza Horizon series, this one is better than the one before it. At it’s core it’s still Forza Horizon, but they’ve added enough to differentiate it from the others. For example, now you can customize your character. There’s only a few options, but you didn’t even have that in the previous titles. I just discovered that you get a house in this one, so you don’t have to keep going all the way back to the festival to tune your car and do everything else. Finally, I was annoying my gamer friends by calling it “4za”. LOL

Baikeru in Overcooked (3 months ago)

Took a break from “4za” to play one of the free Games with Gold this month. Had never heard of it so put off playing it, but figured I’d give it a chance. After playing several levels I have to conclude that this is a crappy mobile game that somehow made it over to console. But I just looked and it’s not even available on mobile, so… It’s a crappy mobile game that bypassed mobile platforms and went straight to consoles. There’s somehow a sequel. Both are available on the Switch. To be honest, this looks like the type of shovelware that infested the Wii-U’s library. I can totally see the characters as Miis. I will admit, though, that it’s an interesting idea, but I think I’d have liked it more if it was a mobile game and not forced onto consoles.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (3 months ago)

I just got my paycheck and it was a little bigger than usual. So I decided to pre-order Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It releases in an hour and fifteen minutes, but apparently it still counts as a pre-order, because I got the pre-order bonus The Blind King. Both are currently downloading to my Xbox, and I’ll likely not be able to play it until morning because larger games take a long time to install for me. Took a day and a half to install the 110gb Halo 5: Guardians. Odyssey is only 45gb, but that’s still pretty big. My largest installed game is Forza Horizon 4 at 56gb, and that I let that install while I was doing chemo. I’d left in the morning and by the time I came back that evening it was finished. So hopefully Odyssey will be installed by the time I wake up.

I also bought Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition because it’s currently $4 with Gold, and Star Wars Battlefront II (base game) because it’s currently $10 with Gold. I’m not installing them right now, but at least now I’ll have them for when I do decide to play them. I did the same with Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I’ve played both long ago when both games came out, but I plan to someday make an event of it. One episode a night, starting with Before the Storm. I bought the deluxe edition of Before the Storm so I also got the bonus episode. It’s Max and Chloe as kids, so I don’t know if I should do that before I start Before the Storm, between the two games, or after (it is called Farewell, after all).

But that’s not important right now. I’m not going to do that for quite awhile. I’ll definitely be posting my thought on Odyssey once it does install and I’ve played it a bit.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (3 months ago)

I’ve been playing Odyssey for three days now, and it just keeps getting better. By this point in Origins I was over halfway through the main story, while still doing the side quests as they popped up. Not only do I highly doubt I’m even halfway through the game, I’m still just barely getting started. Without spoiling anything, I just got to where I can sail the open sea. Since I know this game is vast and expansive, I’m taking my time and doing all of the side quests I see and trying to do everything I can. Really immerse myself in this world. I’ve been posting for awhile about not having a main game, and I think I finally found my new main game. Ironically, my last main game was Origins. Plus, once I’ve completed this game, I already plan on playing it again and making different choices. I’ve already seen smaller decisions I made at the beginning having massive outcomes, even a few smaller consequences. Sometimes it’s something as small as I get a new crew member, and sometimes it’s as big as entire populations dying because of a seemingly small choice I made early on. I’ll be curious to play this again and see what happens when I do things differently. But first I’m playing it through the first time, leisurely.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (3 months ago)

My one week in review of Odyssey

The game was released a week ago an hour ago, and I’ve been playing it almost nonstop. As I said in my 24 hour review (which I left as an actual review and you can read here, I’m taking my time to really enjoy this game and not just rushing through the story. That said, I’m still in Sequence 2 (they don’t call them that this time, but I’m just assuming it’s S2 because usually the sequences are broken up by modern day scenes, and I’ve had one of those already. Thus, Sequence 2). Without spoiling anything, I’ve made it to Athens and have had one story mission since. I’ve been doing a ton of side quests and collecting and such. Currently I’m level 26, and all of my gear is legendary (gold) except my helmet. I can’t find a legendary helmet anywhere.

As much as I love Origins, this game definitely tops that one. It took me a month to do pretty much everything you could do, including all of the DLC. I can already tell that it’s going to take me a very long time to do that this time. Especially since they’re planning on doing episodic DLC. I just bought the season pass, so I’m excited about getting them. One of the things you get with the season pass is Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered when it releases. I’m a little concerned that I won’t have time to play it because I’ll still be deep into this one.

I’ve actually lowered my Gamefly from two at a time to one at a time. I plan on renting Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. Basically use it to get smaller, linear games, because Odyssey takes all my time now. Only breaks I plan on taking are to watch The Walking Dead and Doctor Who. Just bought the season passes for both on Prime Video, so I’ll be watching them the day after each episode airs.

Now I have to go catch up on the season premiers of The Walking Dead and Doctor Who…lol

Anyway, if you haven’t played Odyssey yet, I very highly recommend it.

Baikeru in Madden NFL 18 (3 months ago)

I took a tiny break from Odyssey to play Madden ’18. It came in the mail from Gamefly today. I don’t like sports at all, but I thought I’d at least try it. I don’t like skateboarding, but love the Tony Hawk games. Plus, I may not like football, but I like football movies (like Remember the Titans, Gridiron Gang, and Radio), and Madden ’18 has a story mode. But it turns out that in order to play it, you need at least some football knowledge. I had no idea what was going on or what I was doing. First thing it has you do is pick a team. I don’t really know that many teams, but I live near Cincinnati so I know of the Bengals. That’s which one I picked. All I know about them is the logo and that they are Cincinnati’s team. But then I tried doing a practice game, just to figure out the controls. You have to choose what plays you want to use, and I just picked things at random, because I didn’t understand any of it. Eventually I decided to play Longshot, the story. But that ended up being an interactive movie. You occasionally have to choose things (like, “Agree or disagree”, etc), or have quick time events. It was interesting, but I’d have rather just watched if that’s what they were doing. I decided to just play until I got an achievement. That way it wouldn’t entirely feel like time wasted, as it adds to my Gamerscore. I eventually got on for completing “Act 1”, then I uninstalled the game and will be returning it in the morning. I think if I had even a little football knowledge I’d have enjoyed it more. Or even at all.

I should be getting another Gamefly game soon. They shipped Sonic Mania, so I might be getting it tomorrow. As for now, I’m going back to Odyssey.

Baikeru in Sonic Mania Plus (3 months ago)

As I said a couple days ago, I was expecting Sonic Mania from Gamefly, and it arrived yesterday. I played it last night when I got home from work, and some more this morning. It’s essentially Classic Sonic, but kind of remixed. Having grown up playing the original games, I really loved this game. I loved the updated classics, like Green Hill Zone, but I also loved the new additions, especially Studiopolis. The game is very short, but definitely worth it, even more so if you grew up playing the original games.

Baikeru (3 months ago)

Little sad at the moment. I just cancelled my Gamefly account again. Their service has definitely decreased since I last used it a couple years ago. Back then, I’d be able to rent like five or six games over the course of the month using the two at a time plan. This past month I was only able to get three. I returned LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it took them two weeks to get it and ship the next title. I might get it again some other time, but currently it’s too expensive at $22 to not even get a lot of games. If it was the same quality service they had two years ago, that amount would be worth it, but it’s not anymore.

My IGDB Posts: Part 1

Last time I posted in this series, my post titled IGDB, I talked about an amazing site called IGDB, and how I was planning on primarily posting gaming content on there instead of on here. I also said that I’d post my longer posts in here instead of there. I haven’t kept with that, but I had an idea tonight. I’ll copy and paste my posts into a blog post here. I post on there at least once a week, sometimes several times a week, so there’s a ton of posts. This will be part one, because if I do every post at once this will be way too long. Plus, I’ll continuously do further entries as I post more in the future. Anyway, let’s begin with my first post on the site…

Baikeru in Metro: Last Light Redux (5 months ago)

I’ve never played a Metro game until last night, so it’s funny that that’s what led me to discovering this site.

Baikeru in Banjo-Kazooie (5 months ago)

Ashamed to admit I’ve never played this before. But oddly enough I played the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, back when I had an N64. I’m playing the original on my Xbox One via Rare Replay. It’s been updated with Xbox controls and all Nintendo references removed, so not exactly like playing it on the N64, but it’s still a really fun game.

Baikeru in Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition (5 months ago)

I currently don’t have a “main” game. Usually I’ll have one game that I’m obsessed with and only play that one until I do everything you can do in it, or I get bored with it. Be it Skyrim, Fallout 4, or Far Cry 5, there’s usually a main game I’m playing. I beat Assassin’s Creed: Origins a month or so ago, and since then I’ve basically jumped from game to game. Currently I’m playing Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition. Just started it an hour ago so don’t really have an opinion yet. It feels like the first (which I played earlier this year and was a main game for a couple weeks). But thus far, I don’t really like it as much as the first. Not to say I don’t like it, just that I preferred the original. Granted, I just started and it could get better. If you look at my post about Metro: Last Light from the other day, I also didn’t like that one at first but quickly changed my mind (I’ve only played it twice since, though, but I did buy the Redux collection a couple days ago). I bought the Dead Island: Definitive Collection a couple days as well. Retro Revenge is really fun.

I have a gaming blog I post in from time to time. My goal with that was to post in there when I’m playing something, but no one ever reads that so I don’t really post in there much. But people actually read these posts, so I might post here instead (while still doing the longer posts in the blog….yes, this isn’t long for me. I regularly message my friends mini-novels when we chat…).

Baikeru in Fez II (5 months ago)

I hope Fish changes his mind and makes this game. Or that someone makes it. I don’t care who makes it, I just want this game made. lol

Baikeru in Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier (5 months ago)

This is kind of eerie! I had the sudden urge to watch the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy tonight. I’ve seen Rise of the Planet of the apes, but never Dawn or War. But last night I decided to watch them. I’ve actually been sleeping too much lately so I had to stay up all night anyway, so at midnight I started watching Rise. I just finished Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and before starting War for the Planet of the Apes I decided to read the Wikipedia article on the franchise, to see if this is going to be the last one or if more is planned.

Here’s the eerie part; I didn’t know there’s a Planet of the Apes games coming out set between Dawn and War. Not only that, it released TODAY! Meaning that as I was starting the first movie, the game was made available. That is a very strange coincidence!! :O

Baikeru in Fire Emblem Heroes (5 months ago)

I’ve never played a Fire Emblems game before, and don’t know what it’s about, but this one’s on Nintendo’s Google Play page so I’m trying it out. All I know is that there’s a video of the main character summoning a sun and throwing it at an enemy, who blocks it. Then the main character draws a sword and charges at that same enemy. So… I take it the main character is an idiot? lol Guess I’ll find out when it finishes installing.

Baikeru in Far Cry 5 (5 months ago)

Replaying this game. Normally I wait at least a year to replay something, but I loved it so much that I reinstalled it and started all over. Thinking about buying the season pass in the next couple weeks to play the DLCs. Far Cry DLC tends to be great (like Blood Dragon).

Baikeru in Aaero (5 months ago)

This is currently on sale in the Xbox Store for $6, and I liked the music in the trailer so I bought it and all of the DLC (which ranges from $1.25 to $3). So I spent maybe $10 total for this game and everything it comes with. That being said, now that I’ve played it I’d have paid full price for it if I had the chance. It’s a simple concept, but surprisingly addicting. Also, best if played with headphones one.

Baikeru in Quantum Break (5 months ago)

I just did the unthinkable (at least for me). To free up space, I uninstalled Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I’ve had that game installed since April, and have done everything you can do it in (and the DLCs). I still occasionally pop it in and run around and kill guards when I’m bored.

Well, I just uninstalled it because Game Pass just added Quantum Break. I’d heard of that game but didn’t know anything about it, and still don’t really know anything about it. But I saw the trailer for it on the game page and it looks freaking awesome. But unfortunately it is over a hundred gigs and I only had 35gb left. So I uninstalled Assassins Creed: Origins, Warframe, and Hitman: Season 1 (an odd title now, seeing as Hitman 2 isn’t episodic) to make room for this game I know nothing about. I’m going to let it install while I sleep (which I’ll do as soon as I post this) and will play it in the morning. I’ll make another post once I’ve played it and have opinions about it.

Baikeru in Quantum Break (5 months ago)

I said I’d post my opinions of Quantum Break today, and I have to say I’m surprised. It’s not only a game, but a TV show! You complete a mission (or “Act”) and it does a live-action episode that shows the consequences of your actions. It’s actually really good. I’ve done two acts/episodes thus far.

Baikeru in Metro 2033 Redux (4 months ago)

I haven’t really been playing any games lately. It’s hard to believe that last post was six days ago! Since then I’ve spent a little bit of time in the hospital, and might actually need surgery soon. I’ve been too depressed to play anything so I’ve been watching YouTube and Netflix on my Xbox One. One of my friends noticed because she saw what I was doing on my Xbox Live thing and suggested that I should play something to help cheer me up. So I’m about to play Metro 2033. Ironically, Metro: Last Light is what brought me to this site. I liked it so much that I bought the Redux bundle (I was playing Last Light through Game Pass), but I didn’t install 2033. I’ll finally play it when it finishes installing. Hopefully it does cheer me up. It’s pouring outside and it feels like my emotions are controlling the weather.

Baikeru in Borderlands 2 (4 months ago)

I post awhile back that I usually have a “main game”, but haven’t had one since finishing Assassin’s Creed: Origins a couple months ago. Just been playing something for a day or two, or going stretches where I didn’t play anything.

Last night, I was looking through my Ready To Install list and found Borderlands 2. I didn’t remember buying it, because I have never played it or any of the Borderlands games, but I installed it and have been playing it. I didn’t think I’d love it this much. I technically lied above. I did play it once for a few minutes with my brother-in-law and brother several years back. But My brother-in-law just handed me a controller and said, “Here” and I was thrown into the middle of the action. I’d never played it and didn’t know the controls and was so lost, and ever since then I didn’t like the series.

But I started playing last night from the beginning and currently in Chapter 4. I think I have finally found my new “main game”. At least until Shadow of the Tomb Raider comes out.

And as for not remembering buying it, I just looked at the Wikipedia article for the “List of Games With Gold Games“. The original Borderlands was free in March 2016, Borderlands 2 was free March 2017, and Tales from the Borderlands was free November/December 2017. I had Gold from July 2016 -May 2017, then I had I got it again back in March of this year. So I totally missed out on getting the other two. But that’s fine. I have over 200+ games in my Ready To Install list. I’m fine with just one Borderlands game. lol

Baikeru in Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (4 months ago)

…right, so Borderlands 2 frustrated me after awhile. I’m still playing it from time to time, but not as much. I’m now playing Darksiders. One of my friends has been suggesting it for years and I never got around to it. It’s on Game Pass. I also reactivated my Gamefly last night and put Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the top. I thought it released on 25 September, but ironically it released today… So that’s a thing… Anyway, I’ll likely be playing this until that arrives. I just got through the intro and it feels like early God of War.

Baikeru in Super Lucky’s Tale (4 months ago)

This is my second time writing this post, because for some reason posts disappear when I try posting. It’s been happening since I joined, but I never said anything because…I don’t know.

Anyway, my depression has been preventing me from gaming for the last few days again. I ended up uninstalling Darksiders. It’s a good game, I just don’t see myself playing it again right now. Plus, it’s a large game and I needed to free some space. As I said in my last post five days ago, I reactivated my Gamefly account. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was at the top, and even though it released that day, they never sent it. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was second on my list. It released today and they shipped it IMMEDIATELY!! Ooooookay, that makes no sense…

Anyway, I’m playing Super Lucky’s Tale. A friend Skype’d me earlier and noticed by the way I said “hi” that I am in that dark depression hole again, so she suggested this game because she thought it’d cheer me up. It’s on Game Pass. I have to admit, it’s an adorably happy title. It reminds me of classic N64 games like Banjo-Kazooie. I wish they still made games like this regularly. But whatever, we have this one and I’m enjoying it.

Baikeru in Forza Horizon 4 (4 months ago)

The free demo is now available for Forza Horizon 4. At least on Xbox One. Not a racing fan, but I’m a huge Forza Horizon fan, and I didn’t hesitate to install this. Have been playing it for the last couple hours. The downside is that because it’s a demo, nothing is saved and there’s no achievements, so there’s really no reason to do anything fancy, like customizing your car. I’m basically just driving around exploring the map. Even just that is awesome, though. I cannot wait until the game is officially released on 2 October. I’ll probably do a full review later, but I just wanted to post on here that I’m playing it and fully loving it.

Baikeru in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (4 months ago)

My first Gamefly game (since reactivating my account) arrived yesterday! I was hoping it’d be Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but availability was low and this was sent instead. I’m not even upset. I love what they’ve done with the series. The LEGO games were starting to get stale because every game was the same, just swapping characters out. But starting with LEGO LotR, they’ve really changed how they do the games. This is no exception. I just completed Chapter 4 (which is the one at Maz’s castle), and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Baikeru in Batman: Return to Arkham (4 months ago)

Batman: Return to Arkham is currently on sale in the Xbox Store for $10. I bought it last night. It comes with remastered versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, both of which I played and beat years ago. I also own Arkham Knight. Funny story about that. I thought I was buying the base game a couple years ago, but I later found out that I’d bought the Ultimate Edition, so I got all of the DLC. Return to Arkham comes with all of the DLC for Alysum and City, so I have the entire Arkham series. Excluding Arkham Origins. I honestly forgot about that one until I finished typing that line. I’ve never played that one, and I’ve heard nothing good about it, and they didn’t include it in this bundle of the 360 titles, so I’m guessing that one doesn’t matter? Anyway, I’m loving the updated graphics. It looks even better than it did on the 360.

Baikeru (4 months ago)

Maybe someone here can help me. Official sources can’t seem to. For about a month or so now, when I switch apps on my Xbox One S, the console shuts off. Before then, I’d often switch between a game I was playing and YouTube. Maybe I’d take a break from a game and watch a few videos, then come back. But now when I switch apps, usually from YouTube to a game that’s currently running, the console turns completely off. I’ve messaged the Xbox Support Twitter page, no response. I emailed Microsoft, no response. The Support page gives three possible solutions, but it’s not any of them. I’d post about it in the Xbox One subreddit, but I am banned on there for something stupid I might make a post about someday. I even made a video earlier documenting it earlier.


Below is a question that I half sarcastically asked my friends on Facebook…

QQ Photo20180823034538

I was kind of joking, because a couple days before I’d asked if there was an IMDb for books (forgetting that Goodreads exists).

QQ Photo20180823035748

So when I posted this question, it was mostly as a joke referencing that.

But to my surprise, there actually is such a thing. It’s called IGDB (which you could have guessed if you saw the title of this post).

If you know what IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is, you’ll understand what IGDB is. But incase you don’t, it’s an attempt to collect data about every movie (IMDb) and game (IGDB) ever so everyone has one place to find out everything about each. Like how people link to an actor’s IMDb page to see what all they’ve been in, or a movie’s page to see who all is in it. That’s the goal with IGDB.

However, this isn’t a spinoff of the movie site or even affiliated in any way. It’s an independent site created by a small team of gamers who wanted a database of games. I really mean small, the name of the company who started it is called 8 Dudes In A Garage AB.

QQ Photo20180823043110

The copyright at the bottom of most of the pages on IGDB

The site is incredible, especially for a small team. It’s well put together, and everything does what it’s supposed to. I went looking for an obscure game I love but never see anyone talking about, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and they even have that! So they’re doing an awesome job at collecting data on every game. I doubt they have every game (yet), but for the short time they’ve been up, they have a pretty impressive collection already.

It really helps that you can add titles and edit ones that have already been added, like Wikipedia. And like Wikipedia, the additions and edits have to be approved before they go live, so you can’t go on the page for No Man’s Sky and completely change everything because you didn’t like the game. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be approved, and no one would ever see it except for whoever reviews it for validation.

I’ve had my account for five days and I am already a huge fan of it. It has social elements, like adding friends and posting updates. In fact, I’ve been posting about all the games I’ve been playing since starting my account, instead of posting them on here. I just did a post addressing this, which led me to want to make this post. Both to advertise this awesome site, and also to announce that I’ll be doing most of my posts I was wanting to do on here on there. I’ll still post on here, but I’ll do more on there. Like, if I have a long post to do and don’t want to post a novel on there, I’ll do it on here. Or maybe even expand on a post or something. I posted this the night I did the review of Metro: Last Light;

QQ Photo20180823043748

As opposed to the blog post I did on the game

Now, tonight I did this post on there about a game I’m currently playing.

QQ Photo20180823044212

As opposed to the fact that I didn’t even post about it in this blog.


But as I said above and in that post, I’ll still post on here. And when I do, instead of linking to Wikipedia, I’ll link to game pages on IGDB.

Also, if you create an account, feel free to add me.

The Elder Blog: Metro: Last Light Redux

While I’ve been a lifelong gamer, there’s a ton of franchises and series I have never played. I’ve probably heard of them, and might even have a general idea what they’re about, I just haven’t played them. Metro was one of them. Except with this one I merely knew the name. I had no idea what it was about.

Last night, I found Metro: Last Light Redux on Xbox Game Pass and decided to give it a try. Going in knowing nothing, I was quickly filled in on the previous game during the introduction so I wasn’t lost. For a minute there I was starting to not like it, because there was an interactive cutscene every couple minutes where you had to slowly walk with someone as they talk. I just wanted to play the game!

But after awhile, you’re finally able to run around and play at your own leisure.

There’s some interesting unique aspects to this series. For one, the ammo is the currency. You can use all your bullets mowing down the enemy, or you can use stealth and save the ammo to buy better stuff. I always use stealth when it’s possible (I even tried using stealth in Halo. You can’t use stealth in Halo).

Speaking of which, I’ve played countless stealth games, but this is one of the few games I’d consider “true stealth”. It’s hard to truly explain it, but this is the sort of experience I’ve only dreamed of. I was sneaking around taking out all of the enemies and they never knew I was there. It’s not like Skyrim, where you’re stealthing around, get noticed, and only the enemies right there react. You get noticed in this game, everyone is on alert and comes after you. So you really have to be careful.

It feels like my actions really matter in this game. In one of the earlier areas, you pass a bunch of hostages in cages, and they all beg you to let them out. They tell you the release switch is in the control room. Finally, near the end of the level, there’s a room off to the side with someone at the controls. I took him out, and flipped a switch. You can see all of the cages opening and everyone running out. That was a side room, you didn’t have to do that, and it doesn’t effect the outcome of the mission, other than getting an Xbox achievement.

I’m only six missions in, but I am already really enjoying this game. This is only the second game in the series (the first being Metro 2033 from 2010), but it feels like a series that has been around a long time. With the next game coming out in 2019, Metro: Exodus, it seems this is a series that will be around a long time.

The Elder Blog: Gaming Update

I was seriously hoping to post updates as I played games on my Xbox One S. But I get so into playing them that I forget to, then I move on to the next game. When I review movies, it’s easier because I watch them, then they’re over. Games go on until I stop playing them.

So I’ll briefly list the games I’ve been playing since the last time I posted on here, and talk about what I thought of them.

Murdered: Soul Suspect. This was definitely an original game. At least to me. You play as a murdered detective solving your own murder. Meaning you play as a ghost. You walk through pretty much everything, with certain limitations. The only enemies in the game are demons, and you have to hide from them. Only way to defeat them is to sneak up behind them and attack. The game has a certain feel about it. Like a cross between The Crow and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. It doesn’t resemble those in any way, just in the feeling. At least in my opinion.

Forza Horizon 3. My XB1S was a FH3 bundle, so it included a digital code for the game, plus the Hot Wheels expansion. The Forza Horizon series is unique. I don’t normally like racing games, but there’s just something about this series. A couple years ago, the first Forza Horizon was a free Games With Gold and I grabbed it just because it was free. Decided to just play it to see what it was about. I loved it immediately. Shortly after, I bought Forza Horizon 2, and then when it was time to buy my Xbox One S, I chose the Forza Horizon 3 bundle (because I really wanted to play it, and because I already owned Minecraft). Now I own the entire trilogy, and I am currently excited about the E3 announcement of Forza Horizon 4 (or as I jokingly called it, 4za Horizon).

Agents of Mayhem. I’ve only played Saints Row IV, so it’s my only reference for how that series is. With that in mind, they took the concepts of that series and made AoM an even better game. It’s both toned down and amped up at the same time. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve played both games.

Mad Max. I’d honestly never seen the Mad Max films until several months ago. I don’t know if this is a controversial statement, but I didn’t like the first one at all. I liked the rest. Fury Road was my favourite. Anyway, not long after I watched them, I came across this game on Xbox Game Pass, and was in fact one of the first games I played from there. I thought it was going to be based on one of the movies, but thankfully it was an original story. Presumably even a reboot, because he has his car again, which was destroyed in the second film and again in the fourth (which they claimed wasn’t a reboot, but how did he get his car back?). In any case, this game was way better than I was expecting.

Shadow of Mordor. The Ultimate Edition was on sale for, like, $15, so I grabbed it. A coworker has been talking about it forever, so I finally got to see what he was going on about. While I admit it’s a good game, I rage quit before long. The individual enemies get stronger each time they kill you, and at the beginning you’re underpowered so die alot. So within a few hours, orcs were one-hit killing me, and ganging up on me. I told my coworker and he said I just needed to strategise. While I normally like strategising in games, this one made me too angry to continue. Maybe someday I’ll start over and try not to die so much. As I said, I can see it’s a great game, it just made me too mad.

Brave. WAIT! DON’T CLICK AWAY!! This game seriously surprised me with how good it was. Loosely based on the film, Merida collects a variety of powers as she goes on an adventure. I said loosely based on the film, but it’s so loosely that it’s practically an original story. It was another free Games With Gold title, which is why I even got it in the first time. The graphics are more than a little dated (they look like PS2 graphics on an Xbox 360 game, played on an Xbox One). Games based on movies tend to not be very good, especially games based on Disney movies. A few months ago they had Cars 2 as a free GwG title, and it sucked so much I didn’t even finish the tutorial. Brave was better than it had any right to be, and I genuinely enjoyed playing it.

Dead Island: Definitive Edition. I’d watched my little brother playing this once and thought it was just a mindless “kill all the zombies” game. Technically it is, but there actually is a story there, as well as a bunch of interesting characters. You can even have companions, and I liked my companion. It’s honestly one of the best zombie games I’ve ever played, probably beaten only by Undead Nightmare.

ReCore: Definitive Edition. This was the very first game I ever picked from Game Pass. My roommate suggested it, saying that he played it and that it’s awesome. He was totally right. It’s an interesting game with unique controls. I was too excited about playing the other game in Game Pass that I only played it a few hours. I should really go back and play it longer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider. I’m such a huge fan of the reboot series that I went ahead and bought the deluxe edition. I’d played the first one on 360 a couple years ago, and had played this on 360 as well. Other than the updated graphics, there’s a ton of new stuff in this version. Or maybe it’s just because I bought the deluxe edition. Either way, I can’t wait to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Gone Home: Console Edition. I wish they made more games like this. It’s purely story driven. You learn the story in whatever you find all of the notes around the house. The entire game takes place in the main character’s parent’s house. It’s a relatively small area, but because of that the developers were able to put a ton of details in the game. You can either play the game very slowly and learn every detail of the story, or you can literally reach the end in under a minute. There’s even an achievement for that. I played it with commentary, which actually enhanced the game for me. You got to hear the developers talking about making it, and you can tell they had so much fun doing so. Both because of the commentary, and because of all of the work that clearly went into making it.

Sea of Thieves. As I’m sure is true for everyone, I played this through Game Pass. I actually keep forgetting this isn’t technically a free game like Fortnite. I don’t have any friends who play this game, so I’ve played alone the whole time. I even have a video of me trying to learn the basics of the game and failing, but I found it funny so saved the recording. However, I do love the concept of the game. With games like Black Flag, you captain the ship while AI does all the work. In SoT, actual people have to actually do everything. Since it was just me, I had to weigh anchor, cast the sails, and steer the ship. When someone tries attacking me, I had to let goof the wheel, grab a cannonball, load it into the cannon, fire, and repeat. When they blew a hole in my hull, I had to grab wooden planks, run down to the lower decks, patch the hole, then use the bucket from that video to scoop up the water, run up to the deck, dump the water, then run back down and scoop up more water, repeat. It’s boring and stressful to play alone, but I can imagine how awesome it must be to play with a bunch of friends.

Fable II/III. I’m grouping these two together because they’re closely related to each other. Literally. In Fable III to play the grown up child of your character from Fable II. I absolutely loved both of these games. While I do have my own little nitpicks about them, I choose to ignore those due to how awesome both of these games are. All three Fable games are available on Game Pass (well, Fable Anniversary is, which is a remake of the original game. But it’s still the first game, but I didn’t like it so I’m not including it here).

Sunset Overdrive. This is another interesting game. It feels like a cross between Agents of Mayhem, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Dead Island. Yes, I realise that’s an odd combination, but this is an odd game. In a very good way.

The Bridge. This was another Game Pass title, and I coincidentally played it the day after watching Loving Vincent. So I of course had Van Gogh in mind as I played this oddly intriguing game.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut. I’d honestly never heard of this series before finding this game on Game Pass. After playing it awhile, I looked it up and found out that it’s actually about five games in the series, the first one being The Great Giana Sisters all the back in 1986 on Atari. It’s not often I find lesser known [to me] series that are that old with recent games that are good. Twisted Dreams is a great game.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. Another older series with good games released today. Though not as old as Giana Sisters, the first game was released in 2992 on the Game Boy Color. I say older, because even from the beginning it maintained a retro look. Granted, they kind of had to on the GBC, but in every game since they’ve had a retro feel, even having retro gaming music. There’s a ton of collectibles, and you’re always getting upgrade and new items. It’s basically a Metroidvania because you keep having to go back to the previous levels once you get more gear.

For Honor. I originally didn’t think I was going to like this game, after seeing gameplay footage during E3 last year. But it was part of Xbox Free Weekend awhile back and I played it, and to my surprise I ended up loving it. Unfortunately, even with the discount given to Free Weekend titles, I still couldn’t afford it, so I only played it the four days it was free.

Battlefield 1. I also played this one during the Free Weekend long ago, but again couldn’t afford it. But luckily it was on sale recently. I bought the Ultimate Edition for $10 (I love Xbox Gold deals). I love history, and have obsessed over World War II most of my life. But I hadn’t really studies World War I very much, because I thought it was just trench warfare and nothing much happened. This game changed that for me. Not only was it not just fought in the trenches in France, it took place around the world in other countries, even the Middle East. After playing this game I looked up a documentary on WW1 on Netflix (which doesn’t appear to be on there anymore. I was going to link to it but I can’t find it now. But there’s a ton of WW2 titles, which kind of proves my point…everyone focuses on that one), and it taught me even more about the war than I ever knew about….and it was all because of a video game.

Just Cause 3. I only played this game because of The Gaming Lemon. Before that video, Just Cause always annoyed me because it’d pop up when I was searching for Just Dance (which I have been playing, but I won’t list because I don’t have much to say about it. But I have been playing 2014, 2017, 2018, and Unlimited for the last two). After that video, I was like, “…you have my attention, game” and rented it from Gamefly. After playing it awhile, I bought Just Cause 3 XL Edition, which is basically the Ultimate Edition with all of the DLC. All of the DLC adds a bunch of awesome things to the game.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands. This is currently one of my favourite games on the Xbox One. I’ve always loved stealth games, and games that allow you to solve problems any way you want. This game does both. You can do literally any mission in any order you want, any way you want. Run in guns blasting, stealth in, etc. It’s one of the few games I 100% completed, I loved it that much.

Alien: Isolation. After the previous Alien game which won’t be named here (but I will link to a video I did involving it), I was afraid to play any Alien games. But not for the reason the studio wanted. I decided to play it after it was listed as one of the scariest games of the year. Sure enough, I only played it once because I ended up getting an anxiety attack. No joke! But I will never talk bad about this game, because it really is a good game.

Far Cry 5. I played Far Cry 3, thought it was okay, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, thought it was awesome, and Far Cry 4, but it gave me motion sickness and I stopped playing. Far Cry 5 looked awesome, so when it was on sale for $40 during the E3 sale, I snagged it. That wasn’t exactly cheap for me, but it was much better than the $60 it normally is. It took me three weeks to beat. One week on each region. I didn’t get 100% on it, but I came very close. It’s one of those kinds of games where you want to do everything. I made a playlist with every video I uploaded from this game (it’s only two videos).

There’s a ton of other games I have been playing, but I didn’t realise how long this post was until just now. I might make a second post in the near future. I want to discuss some of the other games, but this is getting really long, and it’s also very late here. I’ll continue this at a later date.

Bought an Xbox One S

I’m actually typing this on Edge on the console using the controller, so this willl be short.

I hope to post more frequently now that I have a console I really like. Currently I am playing Murdered: Soul Suspect. It’s a great game and I’ll post about it soon. Only physical copy of agame I have is The Technomancer. I played it a little on PS4 and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to playing it on Xb1S.

Anyway, this took like five minutes to type. I should get a keyboard. All future posts will be from my phone or computer, but this has definitely been an interesting experience.

The Elder Blog: Batman: The Telltale Series

I’m playing Batman: The Telltale Series. When I first heard of it, I was confused how that would even work. Telltale, for those who don’t know, is a game company that takes licensed properties and makes story-based games out of them. They’ve made The Walking Dead: Seasons One, Two, and Three, The Walking Dead: Michonne, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Minecraft: Story Mode, and several others. Those are their main ones, though.

Batman came out recently, and I wasn’t sure how it’d work out. I’m used to Batman games being, like, Arkham Knight and such. Very action oriented. That’s how you do a Batman game! So how would Telltale do one?

The opening sequence was Batman taking down a small group trying to break into the mayor’s office. There’s a ton of quicktime events, and I seriously almost just turned it off. I hate QTEs, as do most gamers I’ve asked about it. But luckily I stuck it out.

After that, I see something I don’t think I’ve seen outside of the Nolan movies; Bruce Wayne interacting with the citizens of Gotham. He is campaigning for Harvey Dent, and after the introduction there’s a fundraising party at Wayne Manor for Dent. At one point, an elderly couple says that even though they have never heard of Dent, they’ll vote for him because Bruce is backing him, because they trust him. I’ve never really thought about how the citizens of Gotham viewed Bruce Wayne before.

I’m much further on now, and I must say, this takes a fully different approach to the Batman game formula, but I thoroughly enjoying this. The game is less action-based and more dialogue-based. That may sound boring, but it’s done very well. For example, at the end of the introduction scene, you have to fight Catwoman. This is obviously at the beginning of the Batman story, because he has no idea who she is. Later on, he meets Selena Kyle while dining with Harvey Dent. The two realise who the other is immediately, because they still have the same injuries from the fight. After a minute, Dent has to get up from the table to make a call, leaving Selena and Bruce to dialogue for several minute. It is more interesting and intense than the fight between the two of them at the beginning of the game.

There are five episodes in the season (yeah, it’s one of those games), and I’m about halfway through the first episode. I’m excited to see where this goes. Just hope there’s not too many QTEs left.