My IGDB Posts: Part 5

The fifth and final entry in a four part trilogy! (lol I saw that on the poster for Scary Movie 5 and always wanted to use it). This won’t be the final entry, but it is the last one of the first batch of posts. I’m going to put the rest of what I have posted into this one, no matter how long it is, then every few months or so make a new entry with all the posts I’ve done in that time. So without further ado, roll that beautiful bean footage!

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (a month ago)

My review of Just Cause 4.

Baikeru in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (a month ago)

I downloaded this game the day it came out on Game Pass, but forgot to play it until this morning. I didn’t realise until then that it was a real time strategy game. I’ve never liked those and always found them boring. Though to be fair, this is the best one I’ve ever played. Which isn’t saying much because I haven’t liked any of them that I’ve played. But then again, I kind of liked this one slightly. I ended up playing it for two hours before uninstalling it. I’m rating it a 3 out of 10, which is the highest I’ve ever rated a RTS.

Baikeru in Dead Cells (a month ago)

I didn’t know anything about Dead Cells other than the IGN review controversy. Last night during the Game Awards it was mentioned alot, and a few people in the IGDB Discord chat recommended it when I said I’d never played it. After the show I bought this and Shadow of the Tomb Raider on sale, and I played this after uninstalling Mutant. I played it for a few hours while Tomb Raider installed (forgot to last night, ended up having to uninstall Red Dead 2 in order to have space for it).

I love games like this! It kind of reminds me of Outland, in an odd way. It’s nothing like that game, other than being a side-scroller, but as I was playing Dead Cells I kept wanting to reinstall Outland. Kind of like how every time I play Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I end up wanting to play Just Cause 3. My mind is confusing.

Anyway, I really enjoy this game and how unique it is, and look forward to playing it more.

Baikeru in Life is Strange 2 (a month ago)

I was going to wait until all five episodes were out to buy Life is Strange 2, but episode one is currently on sale for $4 and I jumped on it. Already passed the section covered in the trailer, and already like it. But I am a little skeptical that it can top the original (and by extension the spin-off). The introduction was spent introducing this great setup for a great high school story like the rest of the series up to this point. Even though I knew this was going to be a road trip game and we likely won’t ever meet them, I was looking forward to meeting those characters and following that story. I’m not sure how this game will work without Max, Chloe, Blackwell, or Arcadia Bay. But from the little I’ve played I like it. I won’t rate it until I’ve finished the episode, but currently I’d give it a 5 out of 10.

I absolutely love Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and I own both (the deluxe edition of Before the Storm). It’s one of the best story, setting, characters, etc, I’ve ever played in a game, and I was hoping they’d somehow find a way to continue that story.

Baikeru (a month ago)

I just did something I never thought I’d do. I’m always seeing “…with/included with EA Access”, and never even considered joining because I don’t like EA very much, for pretty much the same reasons everyone don’t as well. Well, I was bored and looked to see what games they have. I literally own all of the games on the list I consider good. Battlefield 1, Battlefront (I and II), Dante’s Inferno, the Dead Space trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins (though I don’t like that one, I own that and Dragon Age II), Mirror’s Edge (both of them), Titanfall (1 and 2), and Unravel…..

All except for one. I don’t own Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although I hated the first two, everyone has told me that Inquisition was different, and was on the same level as Skyrim and The Witcher III. I’ve been wanting to play it forever but can’t afford it. It’s included in EA Access, and EA Access is only $5 a month.

So yes, I literally joined EA Access just to play Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s installing now.

Baikeru (a month ago)

So…. I just uninstalled Dragon Age: Inquisition. Guess it’s official that I don’t like the series at all. Granted, that one is better than the first two, and I played it longer than I did them, but I still don’t like it. No one’s into everything.

Well, since I still have EA Access for the next month I figured I’d use it. I just looked at everything else they have and I’m currently installing Sims 4, Unravel Two, and Fe.

Baikeru (a month ago)

Well, I’ve played a whole slew of games today. I already posted my bad experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition so I’ll skip that one.

The “Free Weekend” games this week are The Crew 2 and F1 2018. I liked The Crew 2, but chose not to play it anymore because I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I don’t want to get into it and have to stop suddenly on Monday. F1 disappointed me because it’s just a simple racing game, but there’s endless cutscenes. I finally got control of the character and….it’s a first person-mode in an office thing and I had to organize my pit crew? I didn’t even get to the racing before uninstalling it.

Sims 4 also disappointed me. I created two Sims, like I always do when I play a Sims game (a guy and a girl) and was amazed at the customization depth in this game. Unfortunately, once it gets to the actual game, it becomes painfully clear that it was designed for PC. I don’t like PC gaming, but this is one game I’d rather play on a computer.

Fe was very interesting. Where most games these days have lengthy cutscenes and spend too long telling you how to play it, Fe just throws you in this world. I like that. It lets you figure out what to do while occasionally giving you hints at what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s how I’d rather games be. Only tell us the things that are unique to the game. Most other controls are basic (movement, camera, etc).

Unravel Two was the best of the games I played today. I bought the first one the week it came out. It was one of the featured games in the Xbox Store and I thought it looked interesting and I loved it immediately. When I saw EA Access had the sequel (which I hadn’t gotten the chance to play up to this point), I downloaded it without looking closer. Had I done that I’d have seen that it was actually the trial version. But still, I got to play it for a couple hours. In that time I found out that this one is actually somehow better than the original! I thought the addition of a second character would be annoying, but it honestly improves on the first one. They changed several of the rules, but I think it was for the better. I now plan on buying this one next time it’s on sale (the only time I buy games).

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (a month ago)

I’m playing Odyssey for the first time in forever. Actually picked it back up last night. Took a few minutes to get back into the controls. I’ve noticed something. I’ve played several games since I last played this, and some of them lets you pet animals. Red Dead 2 lets you pet dogs, Shadow of the Tomb Raider lets you pet llamas, etc. The fact that you can’t pet anything in Odyssey makes me like it SLIGHTLY less. I see a dog run past me and I’m like, “PUPPY!!!…oh, right…”.

Red Dead 2 has also got me used to taking care of my horse. I know, I complained about that. But I got used to it. I reach my destination and I look for somewhere to hitch Phobos, to the point where I actually spend like thirty seconds looking before remembering you can’t do that and dismount. I also can’t pet him or feed him, or do anything except call him and ride him. I also find myself looking for smoke signals when I’m trying to find bandit camps. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Odyssey and give it 10/10, but I’m still used to all these other games and trying to project them onto it.

I’m also spoiled by Just Cause. Every time I play JC3 or JC4, when I play another game I’m upset because I actually have to walk somewhere, even if it’s just a couple hundred meters. I want to wingsuit over there!! lol So there’s also that bothering me. lol

Baikeru in Life is Strange 2 (a month ago)

I just finished Life is Strange 2: Episode 1. The other day I only played half of the episode, then forgot about it until tonight. I really do like it, but not more than the original. I’m very much invested in these characters and want to see what happens to them next or what they’ll do. But I can’t help drawing comparisons to the other two games in the series. I’m trying to separate them in my mind, but I can’t, and it ruins this game for me slightly, because it isn’t as good as those two. But if this was a brand new IP and was a stand-alone, I’d definitely like it even more.

I currently give it a seven out of ten. But it is still only the first episode. Episode two releases a little more than a month from now (24 January 2019). Who knows, by the end of episode four I might like this story more than the first.

Granted, I fell in love with the story of the first one by the end of the first episode, and I didn’t with this one.

SEE?? I can’t help comparing the two!

Baikeru (24 days ago) [Christmas Day]

Happy Christmas to everyone! I’ve been playing a bunch of games the last few days, and I’ll do a post about that later. I am posting right now for a specific reason. I’ve just cancelled my EA Access account. Even though I only had it a little over a week, I’m cancelling it. For Christmas, most people gave me money (best gift you could give!), and I ended up just buying Unravel Two and Mass Effect: Andromeda, the only two games available through the service I liked that I didn’t already own. It’s $5 a month and there’s only about forty titles, most of them sports games. But do I think it was worth it? Yes, yes I do. I ended up buying two games that I only got to play because I had the service, so yes it was worth it. But that’s the only value I get out of the service. If they were to be like Game Pass and constantly add titles and keep it fresh and interesting, I’d consider keeping it. But from what I’ve read in reviews, they basically launched the service with a few titles and haven’t touched that lineup since. But again, as I said, still worth it. Plus, since I was only with them for about a week, I got a full refund. They still got my money, though, because I bought those two games, so it’s not like they lost anything.

What’s weird is that even though Mass Effect was already installed on my Xbox One, when I purchased it it started downloading again. It’s at 12%, and it didn’t effect my overall storage space. I don’t know why it’s installing what’s already installed, even though it’s not effecting the space…?

Baikeru in Far Cry 5 (21 days ago)

I said a couple days ago that I’ve bought a bunch of games, and I’ll eventually get to all of them on here. I’ll start with this one. Yes, I know I bought it back during the E3 sale back in June, but I’ve finally bought the season pass. It comes with Far Car 3: Classic Edition. Not sure why it’s called that. It’s clearly remastered for next gen, as it looks even better than it did back then. I’ve played it for a bit, then moved on to the other DLC. The zombie one annoys me because they throw way too many zombies at you at once. It’s also not open world, it’s linear. You have to go where it tells you and do as it says. That’s not Far Cry!! I do, however, really like Hours of Darkness, which is set during Vietnam. Kind of reminds me of Breath of the Wild, because you can dash straight to the end of the game right away if you want, or you can go around doing side quests if you want. Either way, the ending is always open to you. I haven’t played the Mars one yet. I’m pretty sure it’s tied to a quest in the main game, and I hadn’t reached that point when I restarted it a few months ago, so I’m playing the main game until I get to that point. You might not have to have reached that point to play the Mars DLC, but I’m using it as an excuse to play the main game again lol. I forgot how much I love this game!

Baikeru in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (19 days ago)

Another one of the games I bought the other day was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Digital Deluxe Edition). It was on sale for $7, and I think still is for a few more days. I’d played this on my roommate’s PS4 last year and really liked it. First time playing a Deus Ex game, but what’s cool is they put a twelve minute recap video so you can catch up with the story. It’s like whoever made this game knew that people play other games! Not only because of the recap video, but because even though there’s a unique control scheme that I couldn’t get accustomed to, there’s an option for a more traditional control scheme which is more comfortable and I’ve been using.

There’s so much to this game, that I’m still at the beginning. I got to Adam’s apartment and I’ve spent the last couple days exploring Prague, because I want to see what all I can do. I’m not even really focusing on the story. Which, honestly, I should do, because I haven’t even gotten to where I can level up and such. What’s kind of funny is I want to move on to another game I bought at the same time, but I can’t stop playing this one. Actually, I’m about to do a separate post about the other game and why I probably shouldn’t have bought it. . .

Baikeru in Middle-earth: Shadow of War (19 days ago)

The other game I bought at the same time I bought Deus Ex was Shadow of War. It’s also on sale. I probably shouldn’t have bought this one, though. I own the definitive edition of Shadow of Mordor, and while I love that game, I also hate it with a passion. I cannot get past the first area. Every time I die the enemy who killed me gets stronger. Eventually they all become so much stronger than me and I don’t stand a chance. I’ve tried it a couple other times and I can’t seem to get past the first area. I always end up rage quitting and uninstalling in anger. No game has made me angrier more than Shadow of Mordor. But yet it’s such a cool game I can’t help trying again six month later.

So why did I buy Shadow of War? I don’t know, probably because I own the first one? Maybe because it was on sale? Perhaps a mix of the two. I plan on playing it, but I don’t know if I need the story from the first one to understand this one or if it’s a different character (but the character in the cover art looks the same, so…). I want to play this one, but I can’t install it yet because it’s over 75GB and I only have 20GB available.

Baikeru in Ori and the Blind Forest (17 days ago)

Happy New Year, everyone! First game I played in 2019 was Ori and the Blind Forest. I know, I know. I’d have assumed it would have been Odyssey. That’s why I don’t get paid for my psychic ability. lol Actually, I was going to play Odyssey, but when I was on the games page on my Xbox I glanced the icon for Ori and decided to play it instead. It was added to Game Pass past month and I’ve been playing it off and on ever since. But I’ve been playing it obsessively the last hour or so. I watched the Time’s Square live stream on YouTube, and have been playing since that ended. This game just keeps getting better and better! I just unlocked the bash ability. When the text box popped up introducing it, I was like, “What? I don’t know what that is or how it could be in any way useful”. But then I tested it out, and now I don’t think I’m going to move around any other way from this point on. LOL

Baikeru in Call of Duty: WWII (15 days ago)

A coworker and I are letting each other borrow a game. I let him borrow The Technomancer and he let me borrow Call of Duty: WWII. I’ve been wanting to play this, because I loved Battlefield 1 and knew that’s why they made this, to try and compete with that. So I was hoping on a quality CoD game for a change. Instead, I’m just getting a modern remake of the original game. It even starts with D-Day and you clearing bunkers. A bit disappointed. They could have done what Dice did with Battlefield 1 and had it span the entire war and tell the wider story. You can see ahead at the coming missions, and you’re just playing this one storyline, starting the last year of the war. Why do all World War II games start with D-Day? I know that’s when the Nazis started getting pushed back, but it’d been going on since 1939. There’s so much more of the story they could be telling! Anyway, it’s still a fun game, but overall I’m disappointed. They were trying to compete with Battlefield 1, and instead they opted to just remake the original game.

Baikeru in Wenjia 14 days ago)

This is an unusual case for me! I was scrolling through the deals in the Xbox Store earlier and I found a game called Wenjia. It kind of reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest, which I’ve been playing lately. Since it was on sale for $4 (and still on sale for the next nine hours if you want to pick it up really cheap. It’s normally $10).

Played it for a few hours and was going to do a quick post about it on here. But there was only a bare bones entry for it. Basically just the title, cover art, and a few bits of info. There wasn’t even any reviews or posts. So this will be the first one, I guess.

Anyway, I spent the last hour or so trying to research as much as I could so I could update this page. Unfortunately, not only was the game not popular at all, the developer and publisher are almost nonexistent online. The publisher was E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd. and the developer was Dilemma Studio. Both located in China, and both have Twitter accounts which have barely been used, and neither have tweets more recent than October. The website for E-Home doesn’t include (but turns out they published Candleman, which I’ve been wanting for a long time and looks really good). The website for Dilemma Studio…doesn’t exist anymore. So that’s not a good sign.

The game turned out to be nothing like Ori, but it’s still a good game, and I like it. We need to support indie developers, so I went ahead and bought the one DLC it comes which, which is the game’s soundtrack. I highly recommend everyone reading this to go buy the game. I want to see them make more games!

Baikeru in Ōkami HD (13 days ago)

Last night I bought four more games. Which is ridiculous because I haven’t even played all of the last big batch I bought last week or the one the week before that. I think I might be addicted to buying games…

Anyway, I bought Saban”s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle, Yooka-Laylee, Far Cry: Primal, and Okami HD.

I just played Okami, and I was reminded why I quit playing it when I had a Wii years ago. I mean, after the half hour of text boxes for the introduction, you finally get control of the character. But you can’t walk five feet without that annoying bug thing stopping you to tell you something. I think I prefer Navi’s “Hey listen!”, because at least you could just ignore her most of the time.

Other than that, the game is amazing. But I got frustrated after an hour and turned it off. I might try again some other time.

Baikeru in Absolver: Downfall (9 days ago)

I’ve never heard of Absolver before, but Xbox just added it to Game Pass. The trailer looked kind of cool, so I thought I’d try it. I like it almost immediately. The other day I posted complaining about Okami having a super long opening before you got the gameplay, then the gameplay being cut up by cutscenes. Well, Absolver has like a thirty second cutscene, then you have control of the character. Tips appear on the screen, without disrupting the gameplay. You can actually ignore the prompts if you’d rather figure it out on your own. I played for a couple hours before turning it off to go to sleep (but thought I’d do this post really quick while it was fresh on my mind).

The game is both really easy to just pick up and play, and really complex gameplay-wise. Good thing I was used to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’s controls, because this reminded me of it. There’s, like, multiple layers of controls you can toggle between, like in Odyssey. On top of that, you can customize the moves. I don’t think I’m describing it right. It’s 3am and I can already tell I’m not going to remember typing this in the morning because I’m already halfway in a dream state, and I keep stopping for several seconds to close my eyes. I’ll do a more coherent post later, maybe tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll have more time. Well, “today” because it’s after midnight…

Baikeru in Absolver: Downfall (8 days ago)

(continuing my previous post)

…sure enough, I vaguely remember posting that lol. Anyway, I played it some more when I woke up, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the game. What I meant about the layered controls in the last post is like how in Odyssey you press LB to use abilities, and then press down on the d-pad to get another set of abilities. This one does something similar. You press RT and use the right stick to choose between four styles of fighting. You can change what each one is.

I didn’t get too far into the game, though. I passed through two gates. I like the game, but likely won’t play it too much. I’ve got too many other games on my list to play. Which is both exciting (because I’ll never be truly bored) and upsetting (I’m not able to sink 250 hours into every game like I did with Odyssey).

One last thing I will point out about this game. It’s always online, and you will run into other players all the time. The game makes it clear at the beginning that you can attack everyone, but you don’t have to. What I’ve noticed is that out of everyone I came across in the game, not a single one of them attacked. We usually helped each other defeat enemies, then went on our own paths. At one point, I was near where I needed to be when I heard a fight not far away. I turned back, located it, then helped the player defeat them. They then used a bowing emote (oh, yeah. This game uses emotes. Forgot to mention that…), and I bowed back, and went back where I was going.

Overall, I thing this game is great, and I wish I had time to devote to it. It’s available on Game Pass right now, so if you want to play it I highly recommend it.

Baikeru in Refunct (8 days ago)

I bought two games tonight. The first one was an indie title I’ve never heard of before called Refunct. It was on sale in the Xbox Store for 98c (normally $2.99), so I figured even if it ended up sucking it’s not much of a loss. But as it turns out, it was so good that I’d have gladly paid full price had it not been on sale. It’s a very short game, and in fact there’s an achievement for completing it in under four minutes, and another for completing it in under eight minutes. I didn’t get either of these. It took me about half an hour to complete, because I took my time and took everything in. I got all of the other achievements, though (except for one where you complete the game under 33%). It’s an oddly relaxing game. I actually had an emotionally exhausting day (one of my bestfriends miscarried last night), and this was the first time today I didn’t feel like bursting into tears. It kind feels like a cross between de Blob and Mirror’s Edge.

Which brings me to the second game I bought. I obtained the original Mirror’s Edge a couple years ago, when it was free through Games with Gold. I loved the game and always wanted to play the sequel.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is currently $5 in the Xbox Store, and it’s also currently installing.

Baikeru in Candleman: The Complete Journey (7 days ago)

I got paid tonight, so you know what that means!! That’s right! I bought more games! Someone send help! lol

Anyway, before I begin, I mentioned last night that I was installing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (which I bought last night…because of course I did). When I woke up this morning I played it past the introduction. I like it more than the first one thus far, but I’ll play it more later. I spent most of the day watching videos. Still felt down today.

I bought The Bridge, which I played when it was on Game Pass. Unfortunately, they removed it from there and I had to stop playing it. It’s currently on sale for just a couple dollars, so I grabbed it. It’s a really good game. Very surreal and disorienting, which I never thought I’d say about a side-scroller.

Another game I bought was an interesting indie game called Inside My Radio. It’s a side-scrolling, platforming, rhythm game. If that sounds like an odd combination, well then that’s because this is an odd game. Not a bad one, either. The controls are easy to pick up, and the music is really catchy. Which is a good thing to have in a music-based game.

I’ve played and beat Watch Dogs 2 when it came out, but on the PS4. Tonight I bought the Gold Edition. Probably won’t play it right away, beCAUSE I’ve already beaten it and I have so many other games to play. But at least now I have it for when I eventually want to play it.

And finally, the game I have tagged in this post. I found Candleman months ago and have been wanting to buy it ever since, but I kept forgetting about it. Tonight I remembered finally and bought it. But here’s the funny thing; the standard edition was $15, while the “Complete Journey” edition, with the DLC and additional levels, was $12. So…yeah, that wasn’t a hard choice. Oh, and neither was on sale, that’s just how it was priced. Good job, Xbox Store! lol

Anyway, Candleman is even better than I was hoping! I’ve always gotten this bizarre existential vibe from the trailers, and that definitely is part of the actual game. The game starts with Candleman looking into a mirror and wondering why he exists. Like, literally the definition of existential. That’s really intriguing for a game based on a candlestick.

The gameplay is very simple, but fun. You could just run to the end of the level really fast, but you get more joy out of it if you look for the other candles and light them. But you can’t just run around the dark map holding down the ignite button, because you quickly run out of wax. You have just enough to light the eight to ten candles, and occasionally give a quick burst of light to see if you’re about to fall into a hole or something.

I highly recommend all four games I bought (six if you count Refunct and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst last night…).

Baikeru in Fallout 76 (5 days ago)

Here’s a post I never thought I’d make! Last night I rented Fallout 76 from a Redbox on the way home from work. I’ve been checking since the game came out but it’s always been out. They finally had it. I wanted to rent it from Redbox because it was only $3. Didn’t want to pay for the full thing when I already knew I was going to hate it. But unfortunately, the entire night was spent just installing the game, and I had to work at 8am today so I ended up not playing it. I sent Redbox a message on Twitter asking what should I do, because I basically wasted a night just installing. They could see from my order number that I was being honest so they gave me a second night free of charge. I’ve been playing it from the time I got home from work after 4pm until just now (10:30pm).

Much to my surprise, I actually like the game. Granted, I’m sure they’ve already patched most of the issues out. There’s still a few big glitches, though, but I legitimately enjoy the game, and intend to buy it next time it’s on sale. I wouldn’t call it game of the year or anything, and I don’t expect to play it enough to be a high level expert, but I know I’ll want to play this game from time to time once I return it tomorrow.

My few complaints actually don’t have anything to do with the glitches, but rather annoyances with the nature of the game. Like, in regular Fallout games (or most games in general), you can go into your inventory and swap weapons mid-fight. While you can technically do that in Fallout 76, you risk dying. I ran out of ammo in my pistol and only had a melee weapon as my secondary weapon. Had I tried to open the inventory to get a different gun, I’d have been killed. But that’s more of an annoyance than a real complaint. It causes you to think on your feet and really strategise. I’ve noticed in other games where the games pauses when you open the inventory, I basically relax as I take my time to carefully select my items. In Fallout 76, if I take a chance to open the inventory during combat, I have to quickly pick what’s right there and hope it’s good enough for this fight. It’s annoying, but it’s also kind of fun in a way.

I rate this game seven out of ten.

Baikeru in Ori and the Blind Forest (2 days ago)

(the following is my review of the game, copied and pasted as a post)

Ori and the Blind Forest really surprised me. I’ve been seeing it in the Xbox Store for awhile now and thought it’d be a boring indie game that I’d give up on after an hour or so. Only reason I even played it was because it was added to Game Pass. By the end of the introduction I loved it. It was emotional and left me in shock and awe, and I did tear up a little….AT THE INTRO!!! I’ve been playing it for a couple weeks now, and I just beat the game. The ending not only had be tear up, but literally shed tears!! Obviously not going to spoil what happens, but I was not expecting what happens.

I’m sitting here trying to describe the game and what I love about it, but there’s just so much there to write about. There’s literally an hour between the last paragraph and this one, because I’m struggling to put into words my thoughts on this game. The gameplay is amazing, the music is powerful (and the soundtrack is on Spotify), and the exploration is one of the best Metroidvania-style games since Super Metroid. You progressively get upgrades so the game is constantly getting more and more interesting. Every upgrade I got made me excited, as it meant more areas I could access and things I could do.

I’m really excited about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and am upset that there’s no definitive release date yet. It just says 2019.

The only complaint I have with this game is the extreme difficulty during some parts. While most of the game is just the right amount of challenging, there are certain parts of the game which caused me to rage quit for a couple days. It’s mostly when completing the main areas, you have to escape the area while being chased by a flood, or lava, or the main villain, or something. However, I would only want those parts’ difficulty level lowered slightly. If it was slightly lowered it’d actually feel like an accomplishment when completing those sections. There come a point when you fail an area so much it stops being fun, and completing it is less “I did it!” and more “ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!”.

And for that reason, and that reason only, I’m giving this game a 9 out of 10 instead of a perfect score.

Baikeru in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (11 hours ago) [Currently my most recent post]

I said recently that I bought Shadow of War on sale in the Xbox Store. Which was a weird choice for me because I had yet to complete Shadow of Mordor. I’d bought the Game of the Year Edition about a year ago, and I both liked it for being an awesome game, and hated it for it’s high difficulty level. So I wanted to play Shadow of War, but a friend told me that the story picks up where the first leaves off. So I thought I’d try it again.

Reading about it, I realised what my problem was the first time. I love stealth, and use it whenever I can. Which makes it even weirder that I never used stealth the first time I played it. The game stresses that you need to use stealth, and half of the buttons are used for stealth. And yet it never occurred to me to use stealth. I’d just run towards a group of Uruks and blame the game when I’d die too quickly. Every time you die, the Uruk that killed you levels up and gets more powerful. Pretty soon, half of the enemies on the map were one-hit killing me, and I hadn’t even finished a single mission. A few months after rage quitting I tried picking up where I left off, but rage quit again after a few hours. I’d already screwed up that save because all of the enemies were too powerful.

This time I deleted that save and started from the very beginning. I actually noticed the stealth prompts and used them. I’ve completed four missions and have only died twice. This game is very good when you play it the way it was intended to be played, and I might actually enjoy it this time!


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