My IGDB Posts: Part 4

Now I’m about halfway up my profile. I’m going to try to finish it in this post and the next one.

Baikeru in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (2 months ago)


I started a new save in Odyssey a couple days ago like I said I would, this time making different choices. The first time I killed the Wolf of Sparta (I forget how to spell his actual name. Basically a Spartan version of “Nicolas”) and Deimos, which gave me the bad ending. This time I’m going for the good ending. I explained this in my other post the other day.

Anyway, I just got to the part where I have to choose whether to kill him or save him. Obviously this time I saved him. I knew I was going to, but I still got oddly emotional during the cutscene. It was like an alternate timeline. I saw him die, and now I’m saving him. That was the bad timeline, this is the good timeline. It’s the first big change I’ve made. The first time I played I let the sick family live and killed the soldiers trying to kill them. I thought it was the right thing, but then the plague pretty much wiped out my home island. This time I killed them, so let’s see if the island is still in good condition at the end of the game. But other than that, it’s played the same thus far.

But I expect that to change now that I’ve spared the Wolf.

Baikeru in NBA 2K19 (2 months ago)

I just typed a very long post here and when I clicked Post it disappeared. It’s not the first time this has happened, either…

Anyway, NBA 2K19, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Surviving Mars are currently free through Xbox Free Weekend. They’ll be free from today through the 18th.

Just like how I don’t like football but gave Madden ’18 a chance, I don’t like basketball but gave 2K19 a chance. However, unlike football, I actually played basketball in middle school. Granted, I wasn’t any good at it, but I at least have some basic knowledge about the game. I think 2K19 is much better than Madden ’18. For starters, you actually get to move the players around the court freely and can switch players at will. It’s much easier to pick up and play than Madden ’18 (I’m specifying ’18 because for all I know the others are better and the way that one played was the first time they used that style, and in Madden ’19 they went back to the old style or made a new better one. That’s why I keep saying Madden ’18 instead of just Madden).

But basketball isn’t my thing, so I just turned it off. About to start Siege. I played it last year on my roommate’s PS4. I liked it, but not enough to buy it. I preferred the original Rainbow Six on the Dreamcast. It’s the game that got me into tactical shooters in the first place.

I’m a little curious about Surviving Mars. It’s made by the team that made Tropico 3 through 5. I played the original Tropico on PC like ten years ago. But apparently a different team made the other ones. Surviving Mars is basically Tropico on Mars. It’s still installing, so I’ll go play Siege now.

Baikeru in Hello Neighbor (2 months ago)

Brief update on my post from earlier before I get to what I want to talk about now…

I played Siege for an hour before uninstalling it. I don’t know what changed, but I don’t like it now. Then when I tried to play Surviving Mars, it wouldn’t start and kept crashing. So I uninstalled it.

Anyway, I got paid today. I’m currently installing seven games. I only bought one. Thief is currently $3 in the Xbox Store for the next two days. I’ve been wanting to play it forever, and now I will be able to.

I also renewed my Game Pass subscription. When I bought Odyssey at the beginning of October I knew I wouldn’t be playing much else for awhile so I let my Game Pass expire for now. I’m still deep in my second playthrough, but I am willing to play other games now. The other games I am installing are Thief of Thieves, Sniper Elite 4, PuBG, Crackdown 3: Campaign, Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone, and Hello Neighbor.

Turns out the two modes of Crackdown 3 on Game Pass is early. You can’t play them, and if you try it tells you to wait until release day.

Since it was the smallest game of the bunch (other than to two Crackdown 3 modes, which were both 100 MB each…which should have been a red flag to me), I installed Hello Neighbor first after the two Crackdown 3 modes, and am about to play it. Literally the only things I know about it comes from MatPat‘s videos on the game.

[I left the following as a comment on that post]

lol Before I went to sleep, the two new Games With Gold games were added, Race the Sun and Dante’s Inferno. So add those to the list of games I installed last night.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2 months ago)

Ever since uninstalling it a couple weeks ago, my roommate and a couple coworkers have criticized me for not liking Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m usually not one for peer pressure, but I’ve decided to reinstall it and give it another chance. It’s currently installing. I’ll play it for a full week this time and if I still don’t like it I’ll uninstall it and update my review on here. If I end up liking it…well, I’ll play it for another week, because Just Cause 4 will be out 4 December and I’ll be preordering that. And I’ll update my review if I like it. Either way, I’ll be updating my review of the game. I did that after only playing it a few hours, so it’s only fair I update it once I’ve sunk more time into it.

Baikeru in Fortnite (2 months ago)

I posted the following on my Facebook timeline last night, about 24 hours ago. Was meaning to post it here after I posted it there but I fell asleep and forgot to until now. I normally don’t do long posts about gaming on my Facebook, but I know I’ve got a ton of friends who play Fortnite, so I made an exception for this one. Sure enough, it currently has like fifty comments and started a nice discussion…

I’ve played Fortnite before, but only a few matches every few months or so. Tonight a couple friends wanted me to play with them. By the time I had it installed they’d stopped for the night, but I thought I’d play a little by myself for a bit.

Bit of an explanation for those who don’t know, in Fortnite (and most battle royale games like PUBG), there are 100 players in a deathmatch. You die, you’re out. It’s basically the Hunger Games. You can also tear down everything and craft walls and ramps and such. Hunger Games meets Minecraft.

Anyway, before tonight, the highest I’d ranked was #8, but I never really counted it because I found a house, built a wall, and just waited it out. Someone eventually found me as they were tearing down stuff for materials. I ranked #8 but my stats sucked because I didn’t do anything. The highest I’d ranked actually playing was #87.

Well, tonight I decided I would actually play right and try to get better.
My third match, I fall off a hill and am near death, crawling around. Three people run up to me and I’m thinking, “Well, this is it. I didn’t last long”. Suddenly I’m recovered and can stand, so I quickly switch to my gun and shoot at the person closest. Nothing happens. Over the headset I hear, “Dude! We’re you’re squad!”

So, yeah. Apparently you can be in a team of up to four people now. And I found out the most awkward way possible. Luckily I had a mic and told them it was my third match. Obviously they understood and talked with me, walking me through how to play the right way. We ended up all dying at once in an ambush, and I ranked #17. My highest legitimate ranking.

I kept playing for the next couple hours until about ten minutes ago. My last match was the most exciting! I did it by hiding, but unlike months ago when I hid the match out, I used stealth. I crouched and snuck around the map. Several times, I came across a shoot out, and I’d take out a sniper rifle I found and took out multiple people from a distance. They were in a fire fight, they all just assumed they were killing each other. Only people who knew what was going on were the people I killed, because when you die you can see the gameplay of the person who killed you.

I ended up dying, but not because someone found me. Someone was firing a rocket launcher in every direction and one got me. I ranked #4.

Baikeru in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2 months ago)

(second attempt…you’d think I would know by now to copy the text before trying to post it)

I said I would force myself to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for a week. The first couple days I almost cancelled that, because I disliked it that much. But them more I played, the more I found myself liking it. To the point where I didn’t even realise it’d been ten days! Most of the stuff I complained about before, you get used to most of it, and some of the other things were stuff that you rank out of. I don’t have to maintain my horse as much anymore because I’ve maxed out the bond. Stuff like that…

I’d actually came on here to post that Crackdown (the original) is currently free in the Xbox Store for a limited time, and I have installing right now. I’ve never played one of those, and literally all I know about it is what I saw in the Crackdown 3 trailer. That was enough to get me excited for that game. But the first one will hold me over until that releases next year. Plus, I’ll be able to play the story so I at least know what’s going on.

Finally, when I get paid tomorrow, I’m pre-ordering Just Cause 4: Gold Edition. I’ve been excited about that one since E3!

Baikeru in Crackdown (2 months ago)

I’ve been playing Crackdown since last night, as it’s currently free in the Xbox Store. I’d never played a Crackdown game before, so this was new to me. Right off the bat, I really enjoyed this game. It doesn’t bother with a lengthy cutscene or anything. Once you select your difficulty level and character skin, you can immediately control the character. You have to do a short introductory mission, but that only lasts a couple minutes. The game is very fun and easy to pick up and play. I get strong Saints Row vibes from it, which just made me love it even more. I’d already been looking forward to Crackdown 3, but now I’m even more excited about it.

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (2 months ago)

I just pre-ordered Just Cause 4: Gold Edition a few hours ago, and it immediately installed. After pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 an hour before each released, I’m used to playing pre-orders once they’ve installed. Out of habit I went to open Just Cause 4 once it finished installing, and was disappointed when a message popped up telling me to wait until release day. I mean, I should have expected that, but I was still a little disappointed. But luckily, since I bought the Gold Edition, I get to play it on Sunday instead of Tuesday. This is my first anything-other-than-Standard-Edition to pre-order. Heck, before Odyssey, the only game I’d ever pre-ordered was Just Dance 2017, and that was the physical copy. Amazon got it to me the day it released! I also pre-ordered the Blu-ray of The Force Awakens directly from Disney, and I got it four days after release. Soooo, yeah, if I pre-order a physical copy of anything in the future I’m going through Amazon.

lol Anyway, I just have two days to wait until I get to play this game! In the meantime I’m going back and forth between Odyssey, Red Dead 2, Crackdown, and (randomly) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

Baikeru in Just Cause 4 (2 months ago)

I’ve been playing Just Cause 4 since 7pm Cincinnati time. At first I was slightly disappointed because I was hoping it’d be more like Just Cause 3, but it’s not. Yes, I was disappointed because they did something original instead of giving us more of the same. But as I play it more and more, the more I’m liking this new game. Currently I don’t think it tops JC3, but it’s not a terrible game at all. It does have several glitches I’ve seen, but every game has glitches at release (and I’m playing it a full day before release). Give it a few weeks and I’m sure Avalanche will patch out most of the glitches. I’m not going to review it yet, but here’s a video I made a few hours ago. I’m much further in the game now, but this is pretty much my four-hours-in impression.


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