Below is a question that I half sarcastically asked my friends on Facebook…

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I was kind of joking, because a couple days before I’d asked if there was an IMDb for books (forgetting that Goodreads exists).

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So when I posted this question, it was mostly as a joke referencing that.

But to my surprise, there actually is such a thing. It’s called IGDB (which you could have guessed if you saw the title of this post).

If you know what IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is, you’ll understand what IGDB is. But incase you don’t, it’s an attempt to collect data about every movie (IMDb) and game (IGDB) ever so everyone has one place to find out everything about each. Like how people link to an actor’s IMDb page to see what all they’ve been in, or a movie’s page to see who all is in it. That’s the goal with IGDB.

However, this isn’t a spinoff of the movie site or even affiliated in any way. It’s an independent site created by a small team of gamers who wanted a database of games. I really mean small, the name of the company who started it is called 8 Dudes In A Garage AB.

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The copyright at the bottom of most of the pages on IGDB

The site is incredible, especially for a small team. It’s well put together, and everything does what it’s supposed to. I went looking for an obscure game I love but never see anyone talking about, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and they even have that! So they’re doing an awesome job at collecting data on every game. I doubt they have every game (yet), but for the short time they’ve been up, they have a pretty impressive collection already.

It really helps that you can add titles and edit ones that have already been added, like Wikipedia. And like Wikipedia, the additions and edits have to be approved before they go live, so you can’t go on the page for No Man’s Sky and completely change everything because you didn’t like the game. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be approved, and no one would ever see it except for whoever reviews it for validation.

I’ve had my account for five days and I am already a huge fan of it. It has social elements, like adding friends and posting updates. In fact, I’ve been posting about all the games I’ve been playing since starting my account, instead of posting them on here. I just did a post addressing this, which led me to want to make this post. Both to advertise this awesome site, and also to announce that I’ll be doing most of my posts I was wanting to do on here on there. I’ll still post on here, but I’ll do more on there. Like, if I have a long post to do and don’t want to post a novel on there, I’ll do it on here. Or maybe even expand on a post or something. I posted this the night I did the review of Metro: Last Light;

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As opposed to the blog post I did on the game

Now, tonight I did this post on there about a game I’m currently playing.

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As opposed to the fact that I didn’t even post about it in this blog.


But as I said above and in that post, I’ll still post on here. And when I do, instead of linking to Wikipedia, I’ll link to game pages on IGDB.

Also, if you create an account, feel free to add me.


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