The Elder Blog: Metro: Last Light Redux

While I’ve been a lifelong gamer, there’s a ton of franchises and series I have never played. I’ve probably heard of them, and might even have a general idea what they’re about, I just haven’t played them. Metro was one of them. Except with this one I merely knew the name. I had no idea what it was about.

Last night, I found Metro: Last Light Redux on Xbox Game Pass and decided to give it a try. Going in knowing nothing, I was quickly filled in on the previous game during the introduction so I wasn’t lost. For a minute there I was starting to not like it, because there was an interactive cutscene every couple minutes where you had to slowly walk with someone as they talk. I just wanted to play the game!

But after awhile, you’re finally able to run around and play at your own leisure.

There’s some interesting unique aspects to this series. For one, the ammo is the currency. You can use all your bullets mowing down the enemy, or you can use stealth and save the ammo to buy better stuff. I always use stealth when it’s possible (I even tried using stealth in Halo. You can’t use stealth in Halo).

Speaking of which, I’ve played countless stealth games, but this is one of the few games I’d consider “true stealth”. It’s hard to truly explain it, but this is the sort of experience I’ve only dreamed of. I was sneaking around taking out all of the enemies and they never knew I was there. It’s not like Skyrim, where you’re stealthing around, get noticed, and only the enemies right there react. You get noticed in this game, everyone is on alert and comes after you. So you really have to be careful.

It feels like my actions really matter in this game. In one of the earlier areas, you pass a bunch of hostages in cages, and they all beg you to let them out. They tell you the release switch is in the control room. Finally, near the end of the level, there’s a room off to the side with someone at the controls. I took him out, and flipped a switch. You can see all of the cages opening and everyone running out. That was a side room, you didn’t have to do that, and it doesn’t effect the outcome of the mission, other than getting an Xbox achievement.

I’m only six missions in, but I am already really enjoying this game. This is only the second game in the series (the first being Metro 2033 from 2010), but it feels like a series that has been around a long time. With the next game coming out in 2019, Metro: Exodus, it seems this is a series that will be around a long time.


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