The Elder Blog: Life is Strange: Before the Review

I seriously wish I’d have been posting in this series when I played Life is Strange. Maybe someday I’ll go back and do an episode-by-episode review. But I could never capture the emotions that I felt the first time playing it. Most people I’ve asked have played at least the first episode, which is free on every device it’s available on, and they say that that one episode was really good. But they saved the best for the paid content, episodes two through five. I’ll save that for another time, though.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel, following a story that was merely implied at in the original game. This is their chance to flesh out the characters and add even more emotion to the original game in retrospect. They succeeded. Part of me wants to talk in-depth about the story, but at the same time I feel this post should advert the series as a whole and not spoil anything. I am planning on writing the episode-by-episode review of Before the Storm, and soon. There’s planned to be three episodes, two already out and a third yet to be released.

I highly recommend checking both games out.


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