Ilvermorny is Breath of Fresh Air!

I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan since 2000, before the first movie even came out. I’ve read each of the books countless times, and seen each of the movies even more. To this day I refer to Jo Rowling as Our Queen. I absolutely love her to death. So trust me when I say that I only say the following out of pure love…

She was really starting to annoy the crap out of me!

Seriously, it felt like she was releasing new info on Twitter every other day to try and remain relevant. At first, I would quickly devour each little morsel of information she gave us, her starving subjects. But soon I grew bored of it all. She’d decided to not do the Harry Potter Encyclopedia she had promised us in favour of posting the information on Pottermore, which was fine with me. But she started announcing things that were just seemed like she was looking for attention. Like when she announced that she regretted putting Ron and Hermione together, that it should have been Harry and Hermione. That makes no sense! I could tell from the early books that Ron and Hermione would end up together. It was so obvious those two were meant for each other.

Anyway, I was both excited and further annoyed when I found out about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Excited because it’s a new story in the series. Annoyed because it’s exclusively a stage play in London’s West End. No one is going to be able to see unless they go all the way to London. True, it’s been announced that it’s going to released in printed form, but still…

Now, finally, she does something with the series that I very much love. Not only is she doing Fantastic Beasts, which is set in North America for once, she seriously fleshing this serious out on a whole new level. There’s now a North American Hogwarts, called Ilvermorny. It was founded in the seventeenth century by Isolt Sayre, an Irish girl who fled from her evil aunt to come to America on the Mayflower.

Here’s where it gets really interesting, at least to me. Isolt is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Up until this point, it had appeared that everyone tied to him was pure evil. But here we have one of his descendants actively running away from that way of life. It’s like one of the messages seen throughout the main Potter series; Not all Slytherins are bad. Harry tells his son this in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows, and here we see it literally happen.

But Isolt and Ilvermorny isn’t the only good things to come from this. I have countless friends in the UK, and I can tell you that this new layer of the Wizarding World wouldn’t feel real if it didn’t have separate lingo from the British. The biggest difference I can see this far is that Muggles are called No-Majs in America. That’s going to take some getting used to.

Hopefully she keeps going this route, expanding the Wizarding World itself and not flesh out the lives of Harry and his friends.


10 thoughts on “Ilvermorny is Breath of Fresh Air!

  1. Hello Trevor! We just met < 24 hours ago, so I'll preface what I have on my heart to say with asking that you take a few minutes to read a bit of my testimony first. Get back with me afterwards here or by email (thelordiswithus1 @ IF you sense the Lord indeed prompting you to hear what I have on my heart to say. 😊 Here are the links:
    About Me and the Writings – The Lord Is With Us
    Part IV – The Volleyball Player and the Triple-Boarded Physician – The Lord Is With Us

    • Well, hey there! Thanks for sharing, your testimony is interesting. I’ll have to rest all of it hen I get a chance. But there’s something you said that reminded me of something that happened recently…

      “…instead of relying on doctors and our expensive worldly healthcare system.”

      My pastor is my Power of Attorney, and when I was in the hospital my doctor told him that I’d never walk again. I’d never be independent again, and I’d live the rest of my life in assisted living. Well, last time I’d seen that doctor was in January, and at the end of that month I moved into an apartment, fully independant, and am now back at work. I had my first appointment with in in months three weeks ago, and I told him about that, and he was legitimately shocked, then said, “Wow! The power of medicine”. I corrected him and said, “The power of prayer”, and he went, “Eeeehhhhyyyeeeaaahhhh, the power of prayer, too”.

      • Praise God for loving us so much as to give His only begotten Son! Praise Jesus for suffering separation from His Father (!!) on our behalf, that our sin nature be crucified with Him and we be healed of ALL our diseases. See, Deuteronomy Ch. 28 spells out that all dis-ease is a curse, and Gal. 3:13 tells us Christ bore the curse of the law on the tree for us: by His wounds we HAVE BEEN HEALED (1 Pet. 2:24)!!!! I praise God for your miraculous healing, Trevor!! What a testimony you are for the rest of us!!

        Different topic. May I address your love of Harry Potter? Know that I have probably seen all the movies, for my 22 yr old and husband love the movies and watch them repeatedly…) Simply, I want to encourage you to seek the Lord about your great interest in this phenomenon. What is He telling you (in love,of course) about it? That’s all He’s giving for me to write to you about it now, except for this: He loves you soooooo MUCH!!!! You are the apple of His eye!! You are worth the death of Jesus to our Father!! 💕

      • lol When I saw you’d initially commented, I was afraid you were going to mention the Harry Potter thing, and was relieved when you didn’t…but then you did anyway.

        Yes,I’m a Harry Potter fan and I’m a heavy gamer and do all sorts of things. But I’m a Christian first and foremost. I worship Jesus, not Harry Potter or Nintendo or Stephen Spielberg.

      • Just press into Jesus; He will address that “I was afraid you were going to mention…” feeling you had in His way and His time so long as He is indeed your first love. I know this because He does it with me! 😊 Thanks for responding, and for the fellowship!

      • Oh, I didn’t mean afraid like that. It’s just that people are always like, “How can you like Harry Potter and be a gamer and claim to be a Christian??”, as thought if you don’t have your nose in the Bible 24/7 then you’re not really a Christian. Scripture says it’s okay to balance things out.

        Ecclesiastes 7:16

        Do not be excessively righteous and do not be overly wise. Why should you ruin yourself?

      • There’s balance and then there is an interest in witchcraft and loving things of the world. Your friends are saying that to you for good reason; it’s NOT about “having your nose in the Bible 24/7.” It’s about HIM! Intimacy with Jesus changes our hearts about things that are not of God, but of the world, our sinful nature, and the devil. Regarding our righteousness, Christ Himself IS out righteousness; of ourselves we are and can do nothing. Please seek the Lord about it, and try not to push me aside for being the messenger. 😊

      • I don’t have an interest in witchcraft! This is what I was talking about! There’s a difference between having an interest in witchcraft and the occult and simply enjoying a fictional series. I don’t go out and try to cast spells on people, I just enjoy the story and all that. I’m a writer myself and I’ve got a published novel. It’s not about that, though. It’s a drama about loss.

      • When we spend time with Jesus, He changes our hearts. I enjoyed the HP movies when they came out as much as my daughter and husband did. The Lord has changed me so that I not only have no desire to watch them,but am emboldened to lovingly obey Him and speak to other believers about it! 😊 Let’s leave it at that for now, OK?

      • I’m the same way, though. I enjoy the books and movies as well, and I like how there’s more coming. But I’m not one of those fans who absorbs everything about it. Like I said in this post, I got bored with her frequent updates that the other fans hungrily absorbed. None of it really added to the story.

        Anyway, one last thing… It’s okay to do things other than studying the Bible. I’m sure you have some interests that aren’t studying the Bible. I have this friend from church who judges me for everything I’m interested in. I once mentioned that I love watching Pixar movies. He goes, “Those are unbiblical! Toys can’t come alive and fish can’t talk! That’s the work of the devil!” However, he’s a diehard fan of Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars… Pretty much anything sci-fi. I told him that’s unbiblical. “But that’s different”. Yes, because YOU’RE into it. (-___-)

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