Casabloga: The Peanuts Movie

Growing up, I always had a stack of the old hardcovered Peanuts collection. It was a major part of my childhood. As I’m sure it was for most people. So when I heard they were making a CGI movie based on it, I was afraid they were about to ruin my childhood. I was expecting it to be heavily modernized, with smartphones and and such.

I didn’t get a chance to watch it until tonight. Much to my delight, it wasn’t a modernization at all. In fact, it stuck to the spirit of the strip I grew up with. Most of the funny moments were taken directly from it.

What impressed me the most was the animation. While you could tell it was CGI, it somehow still looked hand drawn.

I currently don’t have Internet, and my phone is disconnected. I was so impressed with the film that I walked all the way to the local Kroger grocery store to connect to the wifi. I’m walking up and down aisles as I type this. If you haven’t already seen this movie, I highly recommend it!


About Trevor Boot

I’ve been officially writing since 2004, when I was 15, but I started writing for fun now and then in 2001, when I was 12. I mostly wrote short stories and poems, but then in 2008, I wrote my first novel, titled Xangsburgh. Before this, my writing never really had any direction. I would just write independent stories that had no connection with each other, so I always had to start over from scratch. With Xangsburgh, I had a fictional city I could base all my stories in, with the stories building on each other. For me, that made writing easier, because now I don’t have to start from scratch every time. I could use Sheriff Brock without having to introduce him every time. In 2011, I realized I really enjoyed taking pictures. Several of my friends would comment that my pictures were near-professional quality. So on top of my writing, I’m also an amateur photographer. In 2014, I published Xangsburgh, as well as a photo book with some of my favourite photos I have taken, and a book of poems I’ve written between 2001 and 2013.
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