Blogthoven: My 5 Most Favourite Music Videos

This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but it’s been difficult writing it because it’s like picking your five favourite movies or ice cream flavours. I really just wanted to do this to share #1 with the world, because no one ever talks about it. Ever. I’m not saying these are the greatest music videos of all time, because honestly I don’t watch that many of them. These are just my favourites of what I’ve seen.

#5. Move Along – The All-American Rejects

This has always been one of my favourite music videos since I first saw it, because of how hard I know it much have been to make it (also, I’m easily amused). I’ve been told he just moves his mouth at random, but if you look he’s definitely correctly mouthing the words. I’m guessing they actually filmed him singing the chorus several times and just edited from that.

#2. Shut Up And Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

This one may seem like a favourite because of the transition effects, but I was actually able to semi-recreate the effect using Windows Movie Maker of all things, so that’s not really all that impressive. However, I loved this group from the moment I first heard this song. The video gave me some idea what to expect when I bought their album, We Started Nothing, and I wasn’t disappointed.

#3. Happiness – Goldfrapp

It’s on one shot, and I know for a fact that that guy had to have been in a bunch of pain by the end of it, because I tried it. Granted, it was years ago in my living room in one place, but I barely made it a minute before my legs gave up. Yet this guy is just smiling away the whole time and is energetic the entire video.

#2. Chasing Pavements – Adele

Like, seriously! This song is really depressing, especially when paired with the music video. When I first made that claim years ago, I had a couple friends ask me how, it’s just a bunch of dancing shadows. No, it’s a couple of dead/dying lovers, victims of a car accident. They’d recently had a fight. When I first saw this video I was seriously crying my eyes out.

#1. SOS – Abba

This may seem like an odd choice for #1, considering I said it’s the reason I even wanted to make this list. It’s not so much the quality of the video I want to point out. Abba is a group best known for upbeat, super catchy songs with lots of dancing. So to see them standing still, looking up at the camera, and singing sorrowfully as if the song was deeply personal to each of them just makes this video all the more powerful. The song itself is powerful, with lines line “Whatever happened to our love, I wish I understood. It used to be so nice, it used to be so good”. We’ve all experienced that before.


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