Casabloga: It Follows

As I said in my review of The Ring, I don’t really like modern horror movies very often. Mostly because they try too hard to be scary, and there’s no subtlety anymore. Films like Alien and Psycho are so scary because of subtlety. If the Xenomorph was out in the open throughout the entire duration of Alien, it wouldn’t have been scary. If we knew about Norman Bates’ history at the beginning of Psycho, it wouldn’t have been as scary (it’d still be scary, just not as much so).

Nowadays, movies have to rely on shock and jump scares to get a reaction. A loud bump followed by screaming in Paranormal Activity might scare you for a second, but once the moment is gone you’ll be laughing at yourself when the camera shows Katie was screaming at a spider. You’ll forget about it moments later, and it won’t really effect you.

Then you also have CGI filled messes, like [fill in the blank with literally any horror film of the past ten years]. The effects are never good, and they end up being laughable instead of scary. I’d say my friend and I laughed all the way through Freddy VS Jason, but at this point I’m pretty sure those are deliberately trying to be campy.

So when I heard everyone going on and on about this new horror film called It Follows I just had to see, I rolled my eyes and said, “Pass!”. It wasn’t until a friend (the one who laughed with me as we watched the aforementioned Freddy VS Jason all those years ago, and who groups the horror genre in with the comedy genre) told me that the film used practical effects, and was “totally creepy!” that I started paying attention. I had to make sure he wasn’t being sarcastic, because he said it over Facebook and you can’t usually tell when someone is being sarcastic in text.

So I added it to my Gamefly Q, because I use my Gamefly account to rent movies for some reason. I was very eager to watch this movie, but I had no intention of doing a Casabloga over it. As soon as the credits started rolling, I asked Cortana to show me It Follows logo, so I could use it here. She…uh…


…could use a little improving, Microsoft. I ended up just getting a screenshot of the one in the movie.

I really don’t want to spoil anything about this movie. I had nothing to go on except the trailer, and everyone saying how creepy it was. I recommend going in knowing as little as possible. But I just have to praise this movie so much!

But for the sake of not giving too much away, I’ll just focus on one thing. In the very first shot, I got the feeling of the original Halloween. Maybe that was just me, but I rarely see real neighborhoods in films. Not a backlot or massive set (Wisteria Lane) or anything, but an actual, people-actual-live-here neighborhood. I went in knowing it used practical effects, and the first shot just felt like the most real thing I’ve seen in a movie in longer than I can remember.

And that’s just the first shot.


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