The Elder Blog: Watch Dogs

This is technically the first Elder Blog post. I’ve done a few posts about video games, but I decided to do this series last night and I retroactively changed the titles of those post to “The Elder Blog: [game title]”. This is the first post to originally have that title to begin with.

Anyway, I have a Gamefly account. Three days ago I got Watch Dogs in the mail. I’ve been waiting forever to play it, ever since I first saw the gameplay trailer at the PS4 announcement press conference. So I was extremely excited to play this game. Not so much now that I’ve played it. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy it. Well, I enjoy parts of it. I enjoy the stealth parts. I use stealth, at least. I’ve read posts by people who say they just run in guns blasting. Because why not. I love using stealth when I can in games.

So I quickly noticed that this has probably the best cover system I’ve ever used in a game. You press X (I use PS3) and Aiden goes exactly where you want him to. You look at the crate twenty feet away and the option to cover there appears, you press X and he runs over there, staying crouched the whole time. I’ve covered my way through large groups of guards. It’s wonderful!

The targeting is also a major thing that they got right. You pretty much don’t have to do anything, it automatically targets their head if it’s visible.

I also love the hacking. It’s a unique feature in this game that truly makes it stand out. At least for me. You can scope out the mission area by hacking into security cameras while you yourself are out of danger, so you already know where everyone and everything is, and plan your move, instead of just going in blind and getting killed as a result. You can also cause explosions with hacking, which I love to do to get the guards all freaked out before I actually set foot into the area.

The graphics are another aspect I couldn’t believe. It looks lifelike and Aiden even walks like a human when you walk slowly. I like to slow walk just to watch how incredible the graphics look.

The thing that ruins this game for me, and for most people, is the driving parts. Specifically the car chases. The vehicle controls are terrible, and it’s pretty much impossible to escape the police. I made this video last night showing me trying to escape from the police. Not only are the controls lousy, you can’t shoot from cars. This makes taking down targets in cars next to impossible. You have to ram him until his car is destroyed. The problem with that is by then, assuming you made it that far, your car is damaged worse than his.

Luckily, the game isn’t filled with driving missions, but there’s enough that I already know after three days I will not be paying to keep this game. I might not even have the patience to finish it. If they made more stealth missions, I’d definitely pay for those.

My rating: 7/10



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