The Elder Blog: Fallout 3 (Part 2)

On 25 March 2014, I did a post about Fallout 3. About how much I didn’t like it. A few days later I sold my copy, because I was tired of it. Nearly a year has gone by and I came across another copy and I decided to give it another chance. My thoughts on the game have now changed slightly. Although I admit the game is great, I actually like it less than I did before.

Last time, I complained about having to shoot something 20 times to kill it. About a month ago I played and beat The Last of Us. That game changed the way I viewed gaming. You use melee more than you use firearms. I got used to melee weapons, and now prefer them in other games. Anyway, I was using melee weapons this time playing Fallout 3, and it’s worse than the firearms, because the melee weapons break easily. Everything killed me.

This time, instead of heading directly into DC, I headed north from Vault 101, where I started a different quest, having to hunt down The Family. I couldn’t find them. I ended up Googling their location. Still have no idea where they are.


But there is a saving grace to the Fallout series. The same time I bought Fallout 3, I also bought Fallout: New Vegas. Definitely a 100% improvement over it’s predecessor. I barely used firearms, and killed most of my enemies with the cleaver. I haven’t even beat the game yet and I already intend to replay it, making different choices, like I did with Skyrim. I’ve decided that this time I won’t get rid of Fallout 3, because I still want to try and beat it. As I said at the beginning of this post, I still think it’s a great game despite my complaints with it.


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