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I am very annoyed as I type this. Moments ago I died on Fallout 3 for the thousandth time tonight. I played for two hours. I noticed in my save files I only played it twice before, 6 March 2014 (the day I got it) and 11 March 2014. I was wondering why I only played it twice, since it’s just like Skyrim, only set in post-apocalyptic DC. Well… I just was reminded as to why. . .

Ok, first off, I understand Bethesda was going more for a “realistic” feel with this game. Instead of having near-unlimited ammo, and ammo everywhere, they give you very limited ammo, and not much ammo refills. They also have “aids” to help replenish your health (much like potions in Skyrim), but most of the stuff is more likely to hurt you (via radiation) than help you, and it doesn’t replenish much life. Not to mention that the little ammo you do have does little damage. I had a pistol and was firing at a spider and it took 20 shots to kill  That’s ridiculous!!

Sure, you could say I just have to level up, but even when I started Skyrm and my character was weak, I was able to take out wolves with one or two arrows. You use all your ammo on one or two enemies, then have to run to escape the other. Oh, what’s that?  You can’t run in this game? Oh, then I guess you just have to die over and over.

I just made it to Rivet City, the on the sunken ship. This is where I turned it off, because when you enter, it autosaves and when you die you respawn right there, still under water and have to find your way around in the dark. You have five seconds to find the next room and resurface. You’re getting radiation poison the longer you stay in the water. When I finally work my way through to where there’s light, I am attacked by two creatures and die within seconds (because my health is low and the few “aids” I have give me radiation instead of health. So the second attempt I try to kill them…only to find out I can’t draw weapons while in the water.

I’ve never seen a game so set on killing you. Well, other than the Contra series. I am a huge fan of Bethesda, and I know Fallout 3 gets loads of praise, and I can see that it can be a great game, but right now I am really just sick of how difficult they made the game. I’ll stick to Elder Scrolls for now. I’m at least good at that one. Been playing three weeks and I am level 35.

One last thing… I absolutely LOVE the soundtrack of Fallout 3! Oldies is one of my two favourite genre of music (the other is dubstep……I’m weird…).


5 thoughts on “The Elder Blog: Fallout 3

  1. They say there is no wrong way to play Fallout/Skyrim etc but if you are at Rivet City after only a few hours you are probably playing it, not wrong but interestingly. We will go with that. You should visit Megaton first. There you will get all sorts of side quests to level up and introduce you to the game mechanics.
    Stick with it, implore you!
    After only a handful of hours I ended up in Old Olney. If you have been there you will realise what a headstrong fool I am!
    Get yourself a follower, they help A LOT.
    The leveling up system is different to Skyrim as well, so make sure to take that in to consideration .
    I think perhaps you have Inspired me to write a piece about Fallout 3 🙂

    • I was playing about a week before I made it to Rivet. I’m sure the game is great, but a couple days after this rant was posted I took it back to GameStop and got GTA V.

      • Ha ha, fair enough! If you follow the main quest you end up in Rivet City and by that time you should be able to deal with whatever monsters turn up. If you just went exploring and found R.C then you’re fair game to all manner of beasties. That though is the joy of sandbox games.
        I’ve not actually played GTA V yet but it is very close to the top of my “to play” pile!! It looks amazing!!

    • It’s been two years. I later played New Vegas and loved it, so I bought Fallout 3 again and recently started playing it. Don’t know what’s different, but this time I love it! I can’t get enough of it now!

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