Desolation of Blog: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season 2)

I wrote the first one of these awhile back, and I had hoped to write this one shortly after. But I’ve been busy with things and haven’t gotten to it. I was feeling sick today so decided to lay down and watch season 2 all day. And I am glad I did.

Season 2 of My Little Pony furthers the story and character development from the first season. I heard loads of fans complaining that the show became stale in season 2, and I can see why they would say that. In the first season, they focused primarily on the six main Ponies. In season 2 the show relaxed a little and started focusing more on the residents of Ponyville.

In a way, MLP kind of reminds me of Road to Avonlea. In both series, the main character (Sara Stanley/Twilight Sparkle) lives in a high society setting and has to move to a small town community in the first episode (Avonlea/Ponyville). As both series progressed, the show focused from the main people (the King family/”Elements of Harmony” Ponies) and slowly moved to focus more on the residents. It makes both shows very good, because instead of just focusing on this small group, we get to meet more characters and get more and varied stories.

Even stories focusing on the characters we grew to love from the first season had their character arch widened this season. The most obvious example is that of Spike. He has three major stories in this season, each of which reveal more about him. The last of which was actually about him wanting to learn more about himself, and he does.

I look forward to watching season 3. If I still feel sick tomorrow I will be watching that season. It’s only 13 episodes where season 2 was 26 episodes. That worries me a little, but we’ll see how that goes…


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