Casabloga: The Aviator

Yeah, I spend too much time playing Skyrim now. Before I got the PS3, I posted 14 entries in three weeks. In the week since I got it I have only posted one. I would blame the fact I’m about to move for my lapse in activity here, but in reality I have also stopped packing because I’m trying to find my dad, Liam Neeson. Oh, and I’m playing Fallout 3.

Anyway, I bought the Blu-Ray of The Aviator today. Wasn’t intending to do a review over it, but watching it I remembered how much I loved it. I also bought the Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight, which I’ve been meaning to do a review over, so I guess now I’m going to have to do that one next.

Anyway, the movie is about Howard Hughes, the famous movie director/plane guy. He had mental problems and this movie captures it perfectly. But it ends too soon. He eventually died, but it ends long before then.

I want to talk about three things here…

1. Leo DiCaprio’s acting – He tends to BECOME the characters in his movies. In J. Edgar, even though it was clearly him, he really looked and sounded like the FBI director. In this movie, he really looks and sounds and acts like Howard Hughes.

2. Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn – Spot on performance, don’t you find?

3. Rufus Wainright – YES!

Oh, no! I hear a dragon off in the distance. I need to pull out my Dawnbreaker and get a Shout ready!


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