Wix.com is a bunch of theives

I have used Wix.com for a last couple years. In fact, the “Photography” and “Books” links at the top of this blog link to Wix pages I made. I’ve loved how I was always able to do anything I wanted to do and make the sites looks however I wanted.

In 2013, I decided to give my Wix site a domain, so I paid to make and connect a domain. I was trying to appear to be a professional writer/photographer, and “baikeru.wix.com/trevorboot” just doesn’t seem very perfessional. Finally, I was able to share my website without feeling embarrassed about the domain being long.

But then I changed my site name, got a new site, moved to WordPress, etc….

I got an email on 2 February 2014 which told me that my domain “was about to be renewed”, so I went on my account and cancelled the that. I barely used Wix anymore, anyway. I removed my credit card info and disconnected the domain.

Yesterday, 4 March 2014, I went to buy something on eBay and I was told I didn’t have enough on my card. I went on my online account and was shocked to find I had -$21. Yes, that’s a negative before the dollar sign. The transactions showed that Wix had reached in and taken my money the on 31 February 2013.

I just gave them a call and asked that they refund my money, because I cancelled that already. I was told the package was not cancelled. I was told that as I had this page up (I was calling them via Skype)



I kept telling them that it had, in fact, been cancelled, I was told that I should have cancelled it on 1 February, the day before I actually cancelled it. I sat there and argued with them for twenty minutes, because they kept telling me that they could not refund money once it’s been taken. Even though I do not use that domain name anymore, and the connection has been cancelled, and I am almost completely on WordPress now, I am out $24 because Wix is a greedy bunch of thieves.

I am leaving my Photography and Books pages up until I join a WP host site, maybe in May. Then after that I will be deleting my account with them. They are not worth the effort.


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