My Thoughts: TMZ

TMZ. Everyone knows that they are the lowest form of reporting. All they care about is pointless stories about celebrities that are way too personal. Heck, even the Nostalgia Critic took time in the middle of one of his reviews to rant about TMZ. I think we can all agree here that we all hate TMZ and wouldn’t be bothered if it was announced in the morning that they were shutting down. The world would cheer in unison.

However. . . . . .

(…letting the echo from that one word reverberate around the world…)

. . . . . . . . . . . .in the midst of the pure garbage that the site produces, you do on occasion find info only they have, or that they reported on first. I run a Facebook page for general fandom news, and when Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away, I found out almost immediately and went to post a link about it on the page (he was in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, so it counted as fandom news), and at that time the only site with anything at all about him passing was TMZ. The first link was them simply saying he passed away of unknown causes in his Manhattan apartment. The second link was an interview he did about Hunger Games for some British site (I think). TMZ had the news story about a major celebrity’s death before anyone else did. And they didn’t sensationalize it. They merely announced his passing. Of course, they later posted a follow-up about the needle in his arm, but the point is that they reported it first.

Earlier tonight, I was wondering why I haven’t heard anything from Weird Al since 2011, and I went looking for news on if he has a new album coming out. The only site with anything about it was TMZ.

I still find them to be a pointless “news” site, but their form of “reporting” on occasion can be a good thing in disguise. If they used their methods on things other than trivial celebrity “stories” and focused on the real news (such as reporting celebrity deaths before anyone else or being the only place to find out if a musician is recording an album), then people would look at them at a real news site and not just an online tabloid.

I downloaded their app out of curiosity. It was last updated in 2012, and this how is looks…

TMZ app


….yeah, they could at least try to make themselves look better.


And lastly, I just had to throw this in… The title of this just sounds awesome. . .

TMZ article


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