Casabloga: Back to the Future trilogy

What’s this? Multiple movies in a single review?? Is this even possible? Well, of course it is. It’s my series, I make the rules. In fact, I already had another trilogy planned before this, but this is really a surprise entry. As I said in a previous one of these, I watch the film I plan to review before starting the post, so it’s fresh on my mind. But every post I do here is all part of a great list I have saved as a draft. I had already planned to watch Back to the Future tonight, but for fun. I haven’t watched a movie just for fun since I started this. I mean, this has been fun, but I haven’t watched a movie just to watch it. So I chose to do so tonight. But it was halfway through Part 3 that I was like, “……crap! I am going to have to make this trilogy into a post!”. There’s no way I could avoid it at that point. I couldn’t deny having seen them. I’ve been posting about it on Facebook all day! Everyone knows I saw them! That’s not to say I added them to this just because everyone else thinks they are great and will question why I didn’t include them. That may be part of it, but it wasn’t until today that I realized just how great these films are.

I hadn’t seen them since before I started reading back in 2011. If you’re familiar with Cracked, you will know that they try as hard as they can to ruin every aspect of the trilogy. And they do a good job at it. The films are full of plot holes, breaks it’s own rules, and makes no sense in parts. I assumed I would watch them today and find that I hated them after all. But alas, I find that I love them even more than ever! And it all started with the theme music.

I have a list of songs and music I always have stuck in my head. The them music to Back to the Future is one of them. But it’s always just in my head. But the last couple days I found myself humming it. Out loud. But how can I not? It’s totally freakin’ awesome!!

[Note: I will be reviewing these with the assumption that you’ve already seen this, so I won’t go into a great deal of detail, and I’ll be skipping most of everything. Since this is covering multiple films, I will basically be touching on each one, so as to avoid making a freakishly long post]

Back to the Future

How can you not love the way this film opens? The silent Universal logo, the sound of ticking clocks during the showing of the opening credits that lasts while the camera pans through Dox Brown’s (Christopher Lloyd) place, giving more character development in one pan without words than most entire movies filled with dialogue manages to have. you get a brief introduction to Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) , then the famously awesome Power of Love plays him to school.

I want to jump ahead to when the time machine was introduced. It’s at the Twin Pines Mall. This is something I never noticed until this time watching. When Marty is being shot at by the farmer and he’s driving away, he runs over one of two pines trees side-by-side. The farmer yells about it. It’s very easy to miss and quickly forget about. Then later near the end of the film, after Marty returns to 1985, the mall’s name has been changed to Lone Pine Mall. That attention to detail is all throughout this trilogy. I can’t remember them all because there’s just so much there, and Hill Valley remains consistent in all times that we see it.

One of the complaints Cracked has about the trilogy is the fact it’s a trilogy. It could have just been the one movie. Doc could have come back to 1985 and just told Marty and Jennifer about their son’s choices. He didn’t have to….


Back to the Future: Part 2

….bring them to the future. Because he does, Biff steals the time machine to alter the past and messes things up, and they have to fix it.

The film was released in 1989, and the first half is set in 2015. Even though the future looks more ’80s than the actual ’80s featured in the films, they somewhat accurately predicted the future. Like video calls on your TV, flatscreen/widescreen TVs, hands-free video games (“You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!”), Google Glass, among many other things. I made this video a fee years ago listing some of them.

But they don’t stay in 2015 for long. They get back to 1985, but quickly find out that they need to go back to 1955. Of course, this is great, because we get to see 1955 again from new angles. We relive the same suspense, but differently. Marty tries to get the Almanac from Biff while not messing up the new timeline established in the first film.

Once again, Doc Brown’s poor judgement leads to more trouble as he unwisely flies the time machine in the middle of a thunderstorm, getting himself struck and sent straight to….

Back to the Future: Part 3

….1885, the Old West. Seconds after sending Marty back to 1985, Doc is shocked to find him running up to him. Marty finds the DeLorean in 1955 and uses it to go back to 1885.

Doc Brown says at the beginning that he cannot fall in love because it would basically destroy the universe. So when he does fall in love with Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen), it’s both unexpected and adorable.

Of course, they end up together, the DeLorean gets destroyed, and Marty and Jennifer live happily ever after in the present. If you want more details, watch the films. They are on Blu-Ray.

This trilogy gets plenty of criticism for it’s plotholes and Marty’s mother coming onto him. But despite it’s own paradoxes, the story is still fun, engaging, and never boring. It’s really not three movies, but one flowing story. Everything is in there for a reason. Even the famous hover board from Part 2 saves the day at the end of Part 3. Every time I watch these films I notice another detail that adds depth, such as me noticing the “Lone Pine” thing this time. Of all the times I’ve seen that movie, I never once noticed that, but now it seems pretty obvious. With all the remakes of ’80s movies in the past few years, I am so glad that they chose to completely remaster these films and re-release them on Blu-Ray. Seeing them in this form is like watching brand new movies. They are so timeless that there is no need to remake them, because you can’t fix what’s already perfect. If anyone disagrees, all I have to say to that is, “Great Scott!”


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