My Thoughts: Introduction

Oh, look. I’m starting a second series within my blog. Well, I did say I hoped to do more with it that I couldn’t do on Blogger. Well, technically I could have done whatever I wanted when this blog was on Blogger. But it just felt wrong, like that one had taken a life of it’s own and I couldn’t change anything about it or it would die. At least here at the new location on WordPress it’s a fresh start and I feel I really can do what I want with the blog.

And that leads me to this new series. As the title probably tipped you off to, this will be me discussing things that are on my mind. Or my thoughts on a subject. With Casabloga, I want to post one after the other, but I feel I should space them out a bit. I have a growing list of movies I plan to do in the future, and the list gets longer each day, as I remember more movies. I have a draft post where I update when I think of another one. But my point is that I don’t want to post ten a day, even though I may want to.

And THAT leads me (for real this time) into the new series. With this one, I’ll be able to post when something comes to mind, instead of making a list and getting to it every other day or so. With this series, I might post once a day, or ten times a day, or once a week. Just when ever a topic comes to mind that I feel I want to talk about. I already know what the first one will be, and I will be doing that one once I post this. Oh, what the heck, I’ll just post this now and start working on the first one of these. . .


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