Casabloga: The Sorcerer and the White Snake (白蛇传说之法海)


The Sorcerer and the White Snake (白蛇传说之法海) is a 2011 Chinese film based on the Chinese Legend of the White SnakeIt is a mix of fantasy, romance, comedy, and martial arts film.

Two snake demon sisters, Qingqing and Susu, are watching herbalist Xu Xian as he works. Susu mentions that she finds him interesting. So Qingqing takes to her snake form and scares him, causing him to fall of the mountain he is climbing and into a river. He nearly drowns until Susu dives in and saves him with a kiss.


When he wakes up on shore saying a pretty girl saved him, everyone mocks him. At this point you think that the films is about him finding her, but no. He finds her in the next scene.

This film is great because it perfectly blends the elements I said at the beginning. It’s funny in the right spots, it’s dramatic only when it needs to be, and it mixes the fantasy and martial arts together like it was meant to be all along. Jet Li plays Abott Fahai, the “sorcerer” from the title, so the fight scenes would have been epic even without the fantasy element. But with it, those scenes vastly improve something that’s already perfect.


Jet Li pushing away two buildings

Anyone who has seen this movie mostly remembers the third act. In my last Casabloga entry, I referred to Samara crawling out of the TV to be what I called a “Cinematic Moment”. Well, the entire third act of this film is a very long one of those. I’ll just let a few screenshots explain why. . .


Jet Li fighting off flying swords.


The Sun shining upon Jet Li

The Sun shining upon Jet Li

Susu making a mess

Susu making a mess

Susu being punished for being a demon

Susu being punished for being a demon

If you have never seen this movie, I very highly recommend it. Well, I highly recommend all the movies I review here, but with this one, even if you don’t like subtitled foreign films, at least check this one out. Heck, here’s the link to it on Netflix. All you have to do is click it.


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